BRUTAL TRUTH CREW: Hobeaux Kim ANGE + Steve SHELLENBERGER: Chem Trail Van painted by Captain Chemtrail + Artists Against Aircrap

Published July 8, 2013 by goyodelarosa


Photo: Hobeaux Steve et Kim 

Kim Ange
Chemtrail Van- Brutal Truth Crew

Watch this and get involved!!!

Art Action!!!

Speak out!!

Paint Your Vehicle!!



Here is what I was talking about with regards to our van…

we are taking it across Canada and because we are poor as church mice we are trying to raise dollars for gas and other things…

Much support however…

Love to you
Brother in Christ


p.s. had a film crew do a expose on us all yesterday….

talked about Jesus


  • British Columbia
  • Stephen Shellen (aka Hobo Steve), ex-Hollywood movie actor/screenwriter, fell down the rabbit hole many years ago due to a huge coverup regarding his children, intellectual property theft and what followed as a result( i.e. covert harassment). Along with his partner, Kim Ange (Hobo Kim,) they make their own films and Art projects ( and sometimes, for fun, collaborate with Sonia from the Truther Girls.

    Years ago they were introduced to videos from Captain Chemtrail (Alex Hunter,) and as luck would have, it they all met up and ended up spending some quality time talking about the evils, but also talking about solutions. Alex is a well-respected tattoo artist and a visual artist.

    A van was purchased for a little cash and some art, and the Hobos drove it out to the Hunter homestead where they played around with some paint, and an idea was conceived….travelling billboard, across Canada (for now), with art and slogans about the truth concerning Chem trails, Agenda 21, Vaccines, transhumanism, etc, etc.

    Hobos Steve and Kim are now embarking on a cross country adventure, ready to meet up with other activists and inform people along the way. It’s time ….time for many of us to get out from behind Facebook and into the streets. It (facebook) has served many of us very well, making friends with people we never would have normally met, however, it is a spy agency tool and apart from that, a certain apathy can set in from an overload of information .

    We are ready….to take it to the faces, the eyeballs, the other people we don’t meet on Spybook!!

    Raise awareness about current Global Genocide

    Inspire others to paint their vehicles(already happening)
    Love the idea that others will join us for a stretch of highway
    Radio interviews will be lined up along the way in different cities.
    Video shot of entire trip.
    Interviews with people along the way.

    All that is needed at present is an additional 1000.00 dollars.
    Stephen is a respected filmmaker and artist. Check out the ‘film’ section of his

    Any donations will be acknowledged with credit in the final film
    Also, those who can’t contribute, but may have a couch to offer us for a night along the way….would be awesome.
    It is our dream to create a grassroots activism with our vehicles.
    No one needs to join our group or adhere to any of our principles just paint your car, truck or van and take action!!!

    Your very generous donations will be graciously accepted through paypal or e-transfer at this email address:

    Here’s the info video:

    And another:

  • Come on, everyone! This CHEMTRAIL AWARENESS trip may be taking place in Canada, but this is a GLOBAL BATTLE, and every penny counts! Read and share this event, and invite your friends. The entire world needs to get involved!There have been about 1,100 people invited, and if each person donates just $2.00, Kim and Stephen will have enough money to pay for their gas, food and lodging for this trip.Those who help or assist in any way, even if it’s just a $1.00 donation, will be mentioned in the movie credits. Donate if you can, or if you’re anywhere along their chosen route in Canada, and can fill their gas tank, put them up for a night, or cook them a hot meal, that also counts as assistance.Let’s hear from you. ♥

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7 comments on “BRUTAL TRUTH CREW: Hobeaux Kim ANGE + Steve SHELLENBERGER: Chem Trail Van painted by Captain Chemtrail + Artists Against Aircrap


    Anthony J. Hilder’s influence is very evident at this radical California pro-life website opposed to the Globalist Genocide of UN Agenda 21, geo-engineering and the out of control war on most of peaceful humanity.

    Activist artists against aircrap can upload videos and articles to the site:



    Praise the Lord, stay peaceful, eat greenhouse-grown organic as often as possible!

    Take Vitamin D3 supplements to compensate for chemtrailed solar radiation loss in our ravaged holy anorexic-bulimic bodies.

    As a Christian activist artist-historian, I also find it very helpful to look at and meditate on old paintings of the Lord crucified (especially Grunewald’s Isenheim altarpiece), and to identify with His unbelievable suffering.

    We suffer in solidarity with the Lord and His unjustly punished brothers and sisters.

    I commit to resist peacefully when police arrest us illegally.

    I pray for martyrdom, for Jesus Christ’s sake.

    God Bless the Brutal Truth Crew!

    Gregory Hartnell
    Editor, LA ROSA
    [Alias: ‘Goyo de la Rosa’]


  • A ‘follow-up’ interview between Dr. Tim Ball and We Are Change Victoria’s Josh Steffler, to answer questions that have come up since Dr. Ball’s presentation at the Victoria West Community Centre, and to address other issues not covered at the public event, due to time restraints.

    My wife Dawn brought this video to my attention, noticing that it was aired on Shaw Cable’s community access programme ‘Freedom Free For All’ this past weekend, although the interview was done in March, 2013.

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