Published July 19, 2013 by goyodelarosa

It’s completely ludicrous to see the creepy Gringo Obomba-loving publisher Jann Wenner pretend that young people still read Rolling Stone.

I seriously doubt that, Jann.

There was a time when old school weekend hippies like me read RS and took it seriously, but that time is long over…

john lennon rs 1

‘How I Won the War’ Film Still

In 1967, the paper was countercultural, pro-peace and relevant, opposing the draft, putting John Lennon on the cover, dressed for his role in an anti-war film…

Wenner sold out to crass corporatist fascist materialism, the evil New World Order (NWO) and its Military Industrial Complex decades ago when he decamped from San Francisco to New York City, started pushing full page colour ads glamourizing the US Army, deadly tobacco cigarettes, hard booze, expensive cars, etc.

Post-feminism, female rock musicians were sexualized in an unnecessarily provacative manner on the RS covers, degrading them with soft porn imagery.

And now he puts THE BOMBER on the cover.

The shocking and tragic Boston Marathon bombing and the ridiculous Victoria Canada Day ‘terror plot’ that was supposedly inspired by it were both obvious NWO false flags.

The accused so-called ‘terrorists’ in both instances are very likely innocent and have been framed by NWO CIA and CSIS spies and corrupted Boston, FBI, RCMP and VicPD cops: they are patsies, like Guido Fawkes and Lee Harvey Oswald.

We are living in the Age of Deceit, and we are being programmed daily to swallow indigestible, nauseating, revolting caca.

Are you waking up from the Eugenicist World Government nightmare trance yet?

Turn off the TV, my friends.

Pray for the Lord’s mercy.

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.

– Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor




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