ATTENTION ALL AWAKE ARTISTS AGAINST AIRCRAP: Victoria City Councillor Benjamin Isitt wants to examine more digital photo + video evidence of geo-engineering (‘chemtrailing’) over Rockland neighbourhood, Victoria + Capital Regional District, in letter to Skipper Ron Lund

Published July 25, 2013 by goyodelarosa

RE: We are the Victoria Pacifican Resistance


If we can awaken the masses to how much their government hates them, well things will change.



Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2013 20:42:43 -0700
Subject: We are the Victoria Pacifican Resistance

Ta, you are humble, Skipper.
I like that in a wise old man of the sea.
Pics and videos for the Capital Regional District Director, our very own Rockland neighbourhood representative from Olde Fernwood, newly elected Victoria City Councillor Benjamin Isitt, comin’ right up, eh?
1. Anything clearly labeled as from anywhere in the CRD.
2. Anything from Victoria only.
3. Anything from Rockland.
I’ll put a call out now to all the awakened videographers, still photographers, painters, grafix artists and other Muse-inspired unchained slaves, all the Victoria Tea Party crowd hiding under toadstools, come out, come out, wherever you have been hiding… even from your stone mansions in Rockland.
 We are going to rock the Councillor-Director of the CRD scam show by sending some digital evidence of geo-engineering or ‘chemtrails’ for him to examine.
All of us students of Elizabeth Nickson, Rosa Koire and the ultra- hyper paranoid Alex Jones of in the CRD, all the amazingly awake champions of Liberty at We Are Change Victoria , the Brutal Truth Crew en route to meet the Truther Girls dans la ville de Montreal, Earth Mama Estee Millar of estee’s skywatch in Victoria BC, all us Beaver Lake bozos, Saltspring Resistance, Elizabeth Nickson Fan club, Florence Lake locos, Glen Lake loonies, Kemp Lake layabouts, Saint Louis greaseballs, Langford Lake losers, Willows Beach boys, Mount Tolmie picnicers, Thetis Lake swimmers, Saint Anne’s old girls, Gonzalez Beach old school hippies, Mount Doug dropouts, Cadboro Bay beachcombers, Oak Bay plein air painters, Fernwood organic gardeners, McLoughlin Point defenders, Fairfield fools, Saint Pat’s Knights, and Rockland escarpment skywatchers, let’s help educate the Councillor-historian of Marxism, Benjamin Isitt, who is miraculously still trying to figure out how to recognize the weirdness of the artificial cloud formations and who is also seemingly ignorant of the very real dangers of the assault we are all under.
Pity he was not interested before, but it is never to late to wake up, eh?
Victoria sunsets behind the Sooke hills are easily seen from our balconies at our home here on the southwest side of the Rockland escarpment, and these summer evenings lately, they are more lurid than normal… that is a good time to shoot pics that are dramatically strange.
Time lapse videos would show the expansion of the trails to fill the whole sky… best start early in the morning to show how the change happens…

I am really a techno peasant, not a nerd at all… I don’t have any faith at all in the myth of Progress, and I am almost a Hindu in thinking about the Maya or illusory aspect of it all… so I really need help with this to make it go viral, folks…

I am grateful to the Councillor for this challenge, however, I must insist:.

CRD Parks is a big eco-fascist off-limits resource-extraction racket for the ‘green’ Globalist sustainable banksters, with wild deer herds running amok all over their exclusive ‘Nature Needs (at least) half ‘ public-private partnership sustainable parks racket.

Meantime, this heavy metal aircrap is falling on all the trees, plants, critters, trespassing campers, outliers and hippy back- to- the- landers who still somehow manage to be out there in the peoples’ woods…



I can see the Black Press headline now… but sadly, so far, only in my dreams…

I see a crack here, though: ‘that’s how The Light gets in’…like that ol’ Leonard Cohen song….
Maybe it finally dawns on Herr Professor Benjamin that he can politicize this, as the Tories and Libs can always be blamed for any stalling and table-tapping obfuscation up to now.
Then we will get to blame it on the NDP for selling out to the New World Order, if he sits on it…
Then maybe people will see that this is full spectrum dominance of the tired old left-right paradigm.
Democracy is a racket, used by the Monarchists, the Militarists and the evil Eugenicist Scientists to give us the false illusion of empowerment.
So once the predictable scripted political theatre is exposed as compromised by all partisans of the left, centre and right, the question then becomes, what next?
NWO Spies? Who needs NSA or CSIS when Facebook will do just fine, eh?
By the way, where are you now?
Gaia’s ‘green’ Globalist spies know.
Goyo de la Rosa

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