Published July 25, 2013 by goyodelarosa

Update 2013-07-24 BCUC’s decision re. Fortis — THERE MUST BE AN OPT OUT FOR EVERYONE!!!

1) US Senators warn that the electrical grid is extremely vulnerable to attack and security efforts must be increased. This means our grid is in the same state and more money (lots of it) will be needed to meet required cybersecurity standards, which will need ongoing upgrading. Any new standard is seen as a challenge to hackers — as we all know. This means lots of money, over and over again, spent to maintain cybersecurity. We cannot afford this!!

2) The BC Utilities Commission has agreed to allow Fortis to have an electrical smart program on the condition there is an opt out allowed. Similar to Bennett’s the opt out would be to take a “digital meter”, really a smart meter with the transmitter turned off. And there would be a fee. This is a major hit defeat for Fortis, whose initial application was for 100% mandatory participation, and for power to be turned off for those who refused. Fortis has until Nov. to provide an opt out plan. In the meantime people in the Fortis area are organizing — preparing to fight these extortion fees for something that doesn’t do anything. BCUC, Fortis and Hydro say that having the digital without the main transmitter will still provide benefits. What are these benefits? Hydro said the benefits to having a wireless smart meter are 1) immediate access to data by Hydro; 2) notice of power outage a couple of minutes sooner than otherwise; 3) reduced power theft. 4) no meter reader. None of these will be possible with the transmitter disabled, so what are the benefits? The only one I can think of is that these things will be on our home so that when they want they can activate the transmitter and complete the grid. Remember, the transmitter can be activated remotely.

3) Many US states are banning wireless meters, many have lawsuits against “dangerous” meters. It is likely more will as people begin to realize that their health problems could be the result of exposure to RF 24/7 without relief.

4) The newspapers all over the province are writing about Mr. Bennett’s “compromise”, which we all know is nothing but a “straw man”. Nothing to it at all. But look at this article. Mr. Bennett drags out that old lie — no more analogs are being made. Not so, Mr. Bennett. The Hialeah Company in Florida never stopped making analog meters and probably won’t for a very long time because so many US states and hopefully Canadian provinces are discovering the problems with smeters, one of which is that there is no way the meters will ever stop costing money and there are no benefits from which to recover the costs!


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