“Smiling Buddha” Jason Kenney attacks Gaian David Suzuki: ‘Canadian Conservative’ Globalist Eugenicist, former Immigration Minister is still silent on real reason for immigration, replacing aborted, chemtrailed, sterilized, euthanized, suiciding Canadians

Published July 26, 2013 by goyodelarosa

The Honourable
Jason Kenney
PCMPJason Kenney.JPG

Member of the Canadian Parliament
for Calgary Southeast
Born May 30, 1968 (age 45)

Political party Conservative


Residence CalgaryAlberta

Minister of Employment and Social Development

Religion Roman Catholic

His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Jason Kenney in Toronto in 2010

My fellow alumnus from the Jesuit-run University of San Francisco’s Saint Ignatius Institute  got on his Alberta high horse in a Sun Media interview with Ezra Levant, to attack ‘green’ Globalist David Suzuki’s nasty Malthusianism, and called immigration critics ‘marginal cranks’, but Mr. Kenney is silent about abortion-anarchy and de facto euthanasia already ongoing  in Canada’s hospitals every day.

Marginal crank Globalist Jason Kenney is a closet masochist for punishment, as Herr Stefan von Harper surely knew that JK is supposedly the most ‘pro-life’ member of the Tory caucus, and that is precisely why he was made the Immigration Minister.

Kenney’s attack on Suzuki on Levant’s show was probably the last interview he did before the head Sadist moved him to another ministry designed to retrain all these immigrants without any skills… many can’t even speak English or French, the official languages of Canada.

Have fun at your new job which you so richly deserve, Jason!

Tragically sick so-called ‘family reunification programmes’, ha ha ha!

Bring grandma and grandpa over… surely we need them to fill all those high tech jobs that need filling out there in Canadian Globalist la la land.

How very Orwellian of you Globalist genocidal UN Agenda 21 control freaks!

You brought millions of these poor people here in the last few years, Jason, and now you have to figure out how to give them some sort of work as dutiful slaves to the Globalist nightmare you have helped perpetuate, on Liberal foundations, lest we forget.

“Of course,” as Lew Rockwell (or Leonard Cohen) would say, “everybody knows” the real reason for our huge immigration system in Canada is to replace aborted, chemtrailed,  GMO-poisoned, sterilized, euthanized and suiciding ‘Canadians’.

This man is thought by some pundits to be Harper’s competition?

What a sick, sick pair these two would make in a televised debate for leadership of the sinking sold-out Globalist Tory party.

I’ll pray for you, Jason… I doubt many other of your so-called ‘pro-life’ instant Tory friends from wherever will… but who knows?

Even the Muslims say that Allah is Merciful.

But Christ is the Divine Mercy… and you should know that better than anyone on the Cabinet of stooges.

– Gregory Paul Michael HARTNELL


Wikipedia excerpt:

Secretary of State for Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity[edit]

On January 4, 2007, he was sworn in as the Secretary of State for Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity, and as a Privy Councillor. Kenney has held the post of Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism since October 30, 2008. In this capacity, Kenney has been the Harper government’s representative to ethnic communities in Canada. Kenney makes frequent appearances at ethnic community events across the country, hosted by groups as diverse as Koreans, Ahmadiyya Muslims, Chinese, Jews, Chaldeans, South Asians, and Poles. The Toronto Star has noted some of the more frequently visited groups in the GTA, which also include the Caribbean community, Persians, Filipinos, and Vietnamese.[6]

In early 2008 Kenney posted an announcement on his web site announcing that the Government of Canada recognizes the flag of the Republic of Vietnam as the symbol of theVietnamese-Canadian community. He said “Our government recognises the flag as an important symbol of the Vietnamese-Canadian community’s independence, strength, and belief in national unity,and attempts to disparage it are a deeply troubling attack on one of Canada’s ethnic communities and on the principles of multiculturalism.”[7] In May 2008 he made a speech at one of their rallies lending strong support to their program.[8]

As Immigration minister, Kenney has been largely credited with building bridges attracting ethnic communities to the Conservative Party, which was long dominated by the Liberal Party. In addition, he also handled the apology and financial compensation for the Chinese head tax and the official recognition of the Armenian and Ukrainian genocides. According to an observer, “He acts as a conductor to correct historical wrongs, It might not seem important to the majority of the population, but for the concerned communities, it’s huge.” [9][10] According to the The Globe and Mail, the Chinese-Canadian community nicknamed Kenney the “Smiling Buddha” in reference to his efforts to garner ethnic votes on the basis of what some perceive as commonly held conservative values.[11]


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