MATRIX OF EVIL, TEN YEARS AFTER: AJ’s prophetic, relevant, urgent 2003 film

Published July 31, 2013 by goyodelarosa

Ten years ago, Alex Jones put out Matrix of Evil [embedded in the comments section].

Post-911, this video is still very prophetic, relevant and urgent, pointing as it does to increasing totalitarianism in the Globalist Empire of Evil.

Alex has his supposedly sophisticated critics, most of whom are dumbed-down, mind-controlled co-operators with the Matrix of Evil.

Ignore them.

This human struggle is part of an eternal cosmic battle that has raged since prideful Lucifer and his Screwtape gang of demons was kicked out of the company of the angelic Heavenly Hosts for his audacious challenge to the Creator, tempting Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and the consequence of their Original Sin that we have inherited is that we all  now live in a post-Edenic world, full of seductive temptation, Evil and Death.

We are not in Paradise anymore, folks, and anyone who promises a return to the paradisical time before the Fall is nothing more than a demon-possessed dupe of the New World Order.

Each human being has to make a choice every day: to recognize, listen to and praise the Spirit of Truth, or to succumb, like fearful pathetic slaves, to New World Order Luciferian tyranny.

Free the West.




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