Published August 5, 2013 by goyodelarosa

The Canadian government document pertaining to Weather Modification Information Regulation to which Josh Steffler provides a link http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/PDF/C.R.C.,_c._1604.pdf  comes from the Canadian Justice Ministry and is valid only until 10 July, 2013.

So this must mean that there is new regulatory red tape supposedly governing this criminal ‘chemtrail’ atmospheric spraying activity, or else they are now doing it illegally.

Either way, this ‘Canadian’ weather modification activity is of dubious value ethically, and the phoney red tape supposedly regulating the information required by the governing Act is set up in such a way that it doesn’t really make clear in advance reference to those questionable entities or self-interested manipulative groups who benefit from it (called ‘beneficiaries’), who they are, why they are doing it, etc.

The regulation does require 10 days advance notice, but that can be waived at the discretion of the regulator.  It is not clear to this writer whether such a waiver would constitute a carte blanche to continue with the weather modification activity without the need to produce any kind of advance notice to the government.

This old-fashioned so-called ‘waiver’ system is clearly open to abuse.

Any identifying data as to these above concerns must be referenced elsewhere, as each report required by the red tape is set up as if it was an autonomous activity, and it is quite clear that no distinction in reporting is required between domestic government, foreign government, covert ‘experimental’ or simply commercial activity that modifies Canada’s weather.

It seems that we have an anarchic regulatory system in place, in other words, which might explain why researchers have such difficulty identifying incriminating admissions of geo-engineering which would point to motive, provenance of chemicals, payment for same, known dangers, etc., as there is apparently no requirement for public disclosure of the notification documents, nor of the daily (for short term operations) or monthly reports required after the spraying has been done.

The fact is, they clearly are doing geo-engineering or weather modification in Canada, and the red tape is there to simply quantify it all after the fact, a pathetic sop to those of us concerned to see it stopped completely.

Very little scientific references are made, but one that did jump out was this: ‘SILVER IODIDE SMOKE GENERATOR’.

I believe that the Dishonourable Minister Peter MacKay is responsible, after having been re-assigned to this important post in the recent Cabinet shuffle last month, and after delivering the supposedly ‘mysteriously missing’ Can$3,200,000,000 to the Chinese Communists while he was Defence Minister (see LA ROSA article with incriminating photo of Mr. MacKay in Beijing).

One of the most dangerous Globalists in the Cabinet, in other words, is now in charge of poisoning us all on an almost daily basis.

This is happening as I write, on the provincial holiday; lots of parallel lines of aircrap over Downtown are clearly visible from our Rockland escarpment aerie… one more reason why we need to FREE THE WEST, and proclaim our sovereign independence from decadent sold-out traitorous Globalist ‘Canada’, as the late great battling barrister Douglas H. Christie said on so many occasions before he left us.

– G. P. M. Hartnell



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