WHAT REALLY HAPPENED AT CLAYOQUOT PEACE CAMP? ‘Lulu La Loba’ + ‘Goyo de la Rosa’ look back in anger… 20 years later

Published August 5, 2013 by goyodelarosa
names have been ommited to protect me from slander. and I can t prove it anyway it is just my opinion.

i can tell you as a witness that the clayquot rebellion was run over by sold out activists. who led many to be arrested when many felt this was not the right way. they manipulate with consensus and use pre planned agenda and fixed facilitators of meetings to control huge groups

they made us not drum or stay in camp if we didn’t get up to 3 am dysfunctional roadblocks. we could have sparked a perma peace camp. but the camp was closed and donations went to office workers and their support

they wouldn’t let us drum at the blockades either. a famous feminist leader came from san fran, her name, star hawk. she asked the leaders, why no drumming, they said. it is too exuberant. she said let there be exuberance and we drummed all we wanted

i could go on and on, they held two meetings just to vote me out of camp, which they lost . they nic named me iron ron because i stood for male rights. laughable to them. one said proudly, men are for chopping wood and carrying and digging outhouses.

a book and video called women of the clayquoat. what were the men? just out house diggers

the only thing that really helped the men, is several women were not feminists at least not this kind of feminist. and stood against them as well. many did not want a feminist camp. didn’t matter, it was till the end. it wasn’t like we were all macho men. many men were wearing dresses and hippy.

and what did those feminist friends want of the poor and homeless that came to camp with the time and passion to fight for the forests. manipulate to mass arrests. with little support but much promised. green peace and organizers of the clayquaot sellout had their own mature agenda.

one hireling activist said, things do not change very fast. i guess she was right.

they sold out for little and are crying out for more support

– Lulu La Loba


I got arrested at Clayoquot, but I don’t remember any one there worried about ‘climate change.’
Then, I just didn’t like and still don’t like the aesthetics of clearcutting… it is purely an aesthetic revulsion against useless idiotic ugliness that motivated me to get arrested, and since then I think Greenpeace and Tzepora have obviously long ago sold out to the nuclear industry when they go on their anti-CO2 rants…
If the ‘green’ Globalists have their way, they will shut down coal, damns, petrol, natural gas and then the last gasp option is the most deadly: nuclear Armageddon.
Save the old-growth forests because they are beautiful, made by the Creator and we can’t do any better than that.
Eco foreestry would probably work economically for all the rest… no more ‘public parks’ needed.

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