CLAYOQUOT SUMMER TRUTHTELLING: ‘Lulu La Loba’ + ‘Goyo de la Rosa’ revision Globalist Greenpeace’s Orwellian manipulation of Islanders’ anti-clearcut activism

Published August 6, 2013 by goyodelarosa

Lawrence McLagen’s 1993 photo of Tzeporah Bermann

LA ROSA back cover 1994


like in George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’
only the pigs slept in beds
the rest slept in cars and tents

the poor were treated bad
while the rich educated activists were paid

passionate musician ignored within camp
while rockstars helicopter in, I am not making this up, and made a video for self promotion

even big time artist Robert bateman showed up with for some big time back patting
at least raffi came and hung out and did some blockades not just photo ops

believe me we had lots of talent right in camp to entertain and awaken the world

no wonder we were diverted

how can we sleep  while our  profits are burning
how can we protest when our leaders and musicians and artists are lying

– Lulu La Loba



(Andy Sinats’ high contrast version as used on our t-shirts)

La Rosa cover, October 3, 1993


MIC really blasting our blue skies today… parallel lines, weeping, etc… military madness as Graham Nash sang in the old days…

Here is what I did with our memories of Clayoquot…
Let’s keep this up for a day or two… I think it is very valuable to look back and learn … I can see now how easily I was manipulated in those days.
I wasn’t a member of Greenpeace at the time (and am not now), but took the free bus up from Vic., stayed around the campfire all night long, and was amazed at how that one old crone controlled the talking stick the whole time.

Tzeporah was jailed for a while; that is why I put her on the back page of LA ROSA:

FREE TZEPORAH! said the header under the full page photo which made her look like Angela Davis or some such radical…

But before she came out West, no-one had heard of her outside of her Eastern college where she wrote papers on… guess what?
That’s the new Gaian theosophical mumbo jumbo that tells young girls that they are goddesses and the Earth is a sentient being…
Oh, wow, man, can you recognize sexism when it stares you in the face?
I can now… took me a while, though…



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