SOLD OUT SEXIST ‘ECO-FEMINIST’ TZEPHORAH BERMANN: Shaking hands with Bilderberger Masonic Olympian former premier-drunk driver criminal

Published August 6, 2013 by goyodelarosa
sold out tzepora in Olympic opening torch relay.

hi greg

tzeporah in a free talk at hollyhock on cortes several years ago.

she told a story that made my jaw drop.

she said she was flown down to California near the end of the clayquaot rebellion.

there she was wined and dined and massaged.

she said the logging company said they could talk better away from the battle.

she said she doubted but went and they were right.

they figured out  something.

she  came back and the camp  was closed.

true story

maybe in her book



Dear Ron:
I know you tell the truth.
You are one of the few men I know who do.
I went up to Clayoquot with ‘Gandhi is dandy’ on my mind.
I was very influenced in my thinking in those days by my dear old artist friend Andy Sinats, who produced the first t-shirts, bumper stickers and postcards for Greenpeace when they were worried about whales and Amchitka nuclear testing.
I didn’t want to hang out in the Peace Camp with hippy men in dresses, God bless them.
I just wanted to engage in non-violent civil disobedience in the dandy Gandhi tradition, and to stop clear cut logging, period.
I wrote about my deep meditation while sitting on the road, waiting for the cops to tap me on the shoulder, as my eyes were closed.
Alberta Report suggested that because I described the experience as being better than any acid trip, I must have been demon-possessed!
But I was amazed later at how Greenpeace completely betrayed the good anti-clearcut logging people who were outraged at the fascist New Democratic Party buying shares in Macmillan Bloedel, thus betraying their ‘green’ wing.
used to be a member of Greenpeace and the David Suzuki Foundation and used to work for the Western Canada Wilderness Committee at their store in Bastion Square.
But I started getting suspicious of them when all of these groups jumped on the Eugenicist ‘global warming’ bandwagon.
They stopped talking about clearcutting and started their attacks on human beings as being somehow a danger to Gaia.
The pseudo-science on that dubious idea didn’t seem quite right to me, but what did I know?
I am just a very emotional non-scientific artist who is slowing waking up… at 60 years old… very slowly, but surely.
– Goyo

One comment on “SOLD OUT SEXIST ‘ECO-FEMINIST’ TZEPHORAH BERMANN: Shaking hands with Bilderberger Masonic Olympian former premier-drunk driver criminal

  • I saw a photo of Pope Francis on the cover of BC Catholic, looking sheepish as a couple of salesmem gave him an electric bicycle and asked him to stand there for a commercial photo op…

    That reminds me of this pseudo-mystical Masonic Olympic torch nonsense: polluting the air with whatever the torches burn… so weird to see how silly these ‘green’ Globalist rituals get…

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