WHY WE WELCOME WANDERING WAR REFUGEES: Pacifican peace hospitality is caring, friendly, hopeful

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Behind The Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21


History taught me that man defaults to tyranny over and over again, and while the tyranny of the environmental movement in rural America has not reached what its own policy documents say is its ultimate goal – radical population reduction – we cannot any longer ignore that goal and its implications.’

-Elizabeth Nickson, Eco-Fascists, Preface, page xiv

Eco-Fascists: How Radical Conservationists Are Destroying Our Natural Heritage


The recent highly-publicized closure of a north Island provincial public park in order to supposedly protect it from unjustly stigmatized pacifist summer visitors is an instant classic example of the eco-fascist ‘green’ Globalist UN Agenda 21 sustainability cultish mindset as exposed by Rosa Koire, author of Behind the Green Mask  and Elizabeth Nickson, author of Eco-Fascists.

Apparent ‘official’ regulatory concern for conservation of diverse  biological values in the remote Pacifican park effectively trumps concern for already depressed economic realities, costs taxpayers more for additional police, discriminates against and disrupts travel itineraries of innocent legal visitors before they even arrive, closes the park to the same mind-controlled public that naively actually encourages the outrageous planetary public-private-partnership sequestration of ‘at least half of Nature’ by the phoney ‘green’ Globalist governments and their complicit corporatist criminal ENGOs.

Such unwarranted unconstitutional and frankly tyrannical public park closures are nothing more than the shameful Eugenicist New World Order’s pre- inventoried and controlled resource grab by elitist banksters that both Koire and Nickson condemn so passionately in their critiques of UN Agenda 21 ‘sustainable development’, using Wildlands Project animal liberationist fanaticism, dressed up in the familiar suspect ‘sustainable’ stewardship lingo of the faux ‘green’ Globalists, ranting as usual about the ‘threatened’ flora and fauna of the park which only they presume to control from the marauding Nature worshippers, by saying, in effect, ‘useless eaters are not welcome here,’ or if one prefers the soothing pablum of the CBC or NPR version: ‘It’s for Mother Earth.’

The new young generation of post-911 draft dodgers, anti-war activists, war resisters, non-violent civil disobedience trainers, meditators, peaceful activists, retired veterans, anarcho-vegetarian organic farmers and other wandering refugees of the New World Order’s terrorist war state are all welcome here now (or should be), just as they were when their freaked out grandfathers’ families evaded the unjust Vietnam War in the late sixties and early seventies.

These battle-weary refugees of the unjust post- 911 Globalist Imperial wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria should be allowed to use the provincial ‘public’ parks like any other law-abiding civilized travelling visitors or else all the so-called provincial ‘public’ parks should be sold in short order to help reduce the provincial deficit.

If these Gaia-worshipers, acoustic musicians and pacifist pilgrims are given a friendly welcome on this Island, they may very well end up scouting out some land to buy and farm here, staying, working and contributing to our own developing pro-human Pacifican peace culture.

If we allow faceless Agenda 21 ICLEI-trained bureaucrats in Vancouver, Ottawa, Bonn and the UN to make tyrannical ad hoc regulations so as to obviously target particular cults like these Gringo Gaians who want to visit our beautiful Island, I would have to conclude with alarm that freedom of religion and assembly is now under attack on my Island by Globalist meddling.

If these silly control freak ‘green’ Globalist bureaucrats send these Nature Boys and their ‘goddesses’ packing back to Gringolandia, no one wins, except the greedy UN AGENDA 21 sustainability cult eco-fascists of the NEW WORLD ORDER.



– Gregory Paul MIchael Hartnell

‘Goyo de la Rosa’

LA ROSA Editor


B.C. closes provincial park ahead of hippie gathering

Group leaves Raft Cove, says they respect protective locals’ wishes

CBC News

Posted: Aug 10, 2013 12:57 PM PT

Last Updated: Aug 12, 2013 12:59 AM PT


BC Parks has closed Raft Cove Provincial Park on northern Vancouver Island, in response to concerns about overcrowding, as hundreds of campers from a counter-culture group gathered at the small park.

Residents of Port McNeill, B.C., said participants of the so-called World Rainbow Gathering of Tribes, which started four days ago, would overwhelm the resources of the small provincial park.

The peace-loving campers, who are members of a group called the Rainbow Family of Living Light, planned to live off the land for a month, but some residents said they were unprepared and could damage the local ecosystem.

“People who go in there regularly, they say that 30 people in there on a weekend is quite a bit. Too much, almost,” said Terry Ruth Eissfeldt, who started a petition voicing local concerns that a gathering would harm the park.

The closure took effect at 12 p.m. on Saturday and will last until further notice.

“The closure was prompted over specific concerns that an increase in the number of visitors unprepared for such a remote and rugged location would significantly increase the risk to public health and safety, the protection of the natural environment and the preservation of park values,” said a statement from the B.C. Ministry of Environment.

Forced to relocate twice

Maureen Rose-Ice, known as “Morning Light” in the Rainbow Family of Living Light, said the group has already left Raft Cove.

She would not say where on Vancouver Island the new gathering spot will be, but said there were no hard feelings towards the protective locals.

“These are people that are willing to stand up for their land, and you know there is nothing more ‘rainbow’ than that,” she said. “I think it’s beautiful. I think it’s absolutely beautiful.”

BC Parks said it made the decision to close Raft Cove park after consultation with the Vancouver Island Health Authority, the provincial archaeology branch, First Nations, and the RCMP.

BC Parks said officials will be on site daily to manage the closure over the coming days and will reassess as necessary.

This is the second time the group has had to relocate this year’s event.

The World Rainbow Gathering was forced to move from its original site following a massive fuel spill into Lemon Creek and the Slocan and Kootenay Rivers two weeks ago.

The first Rainbow Gathering was held in a U.S. forest in 1972, born of the anti-Vietnam War movement.

According the group’s Facebook site, the group gathers in forests every year “to pray for peace on this planet.”


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