PRO-LIFE PREMIER BILL VANDER ZALM ‘has proved a real leader speaking out against chemtrails’ writes Skipper Ron Lund, onboard onederstar with his family, ‘north of Powell River near the Copeland Islands…they are spraying as I type…’

Published August 22, 2013 by goyodelarosa
This morning I awoke to a blue sky day on my boat north of Powell River near the Copeland Islands, with almost no clouds in the sky, But within a few hours jet trails sprayed the sky and spread until the sky was streaked with thin grey clouds and they are spraying as I type.My family and I have been sailing around these islands for over eight years. Many time we have seen the trails from jets cloud our skies. I have written our leaders and the media with little attention. Here is a link to our blog to verify who i am and our lifestyle. Daily I look to sky for the safety of my family and our boat.

Jets changing the weather was at first unbelievable when told to me by some friends until I observed it for myself. I can offer no proof other than photos and video but I have seen these jets spray weather changing compounds all around the Salish sea for years.

With the internet more people are becoming aware. We must stop the government from spraying us with unknown chemicals without our permission, which is against many laws.

Bill Vander Zalm has recently came out against chemtrails. Major media has not even mentioned this although they know. Personal emails from Bill Vander Zalm have confirmed this story to me.

Bill has proved a real leader speaking out against chemtrails and has ordered freedom of information records on chemtrails.

Follow links for more info. Please research for your own information and most important, look up and prove for yourself that aerosols sprayed from jets are changing the weather.

more at

wishing us all blue skies
ron lund

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