‘WE DO NOT CONSENT: STOP CHEM SPRAYING VICTORIA’: Gregory ‘Arnell’ (G.P.M. Hartnell alias ‘Goyo de la Rosa’) explains his posters for Victoria city council meeting open forum re: geoengineering in skies over Victoria, Canada. @ Pat Klugh via Justin Justin + WE ARE CHANGE VICTORIA + LA ROSA + Rockland Rosa Triplex +++.

Published August 26, 2013 by goyodelarosa
Pat Klugh shared a link via Justin Justin.
Victoria city council meeting open forum Re: Geoengineering August 29_2013
Gregory Arnell explains his posters for Victoria city council meeting open forum re: geoengineering in the skies over Victoria, Canada. Encouraging concerned…



Victoria city council meeting open forum Re: Geoengineering August 29_2013



Gregory ‘Arnell’ explains his posters


1969, Medford music festival, Massachusetts, USA.

The photo of Arlo Guthrie that I used in the lower right hand corner of both of these new anti-chemtrails poster designs was taken when the famous anti-war singer was at the height of his popularity with the rambling 18 minute long satirical anti-Vietnam War song called ‘Alice’s Restaurant.’

I found the Bettmann/Corbis photo used twice in full page black and white reproductions, on pages 4 and 166 of Barry Miles’ ‘Peace: Fifty Years of Protest’, a hard cover photographic history of the peace symbol design, which Mr. Miles attributes to a fellow English anti-nuclear campaigner, Gerald Holtom, a Quaker pacifist.

The chemtrailed peace symbol seen in the sky behind Arlo Guthrie was made in 1969, according to Barry Miles:

‘Arlo Guthrie, following in the footsteps of his protest-singer father, Woody, performs during a music festival in Medford, Massachusetts, in 1969, while a sky-writing pilot makes a peace symbol in the sky.’

This photo is reminiscent of the video taken at the Woodstock festival, of rainsoaked music fans complaining that that famous festival had been ‘cloud seeded by the pigs’, meaning the storms that plagued the weekend festival were geo-engineered.

At the very bottom of my two new anti-geo-engineering poster designs which I describe in a 6 minute video by ‘JustinJustin’, one can see an aerial photo of a United States Navy nuclear aircraft carrier, with missile-equipped supersonic jets ready to take off from the deck, on top of which are also arranged hundreds of the aircraft carrier’s sailors dressed in white uniforms, spelling out the famous Einstein relativity equation: E=mc2 (as if to suggest that peace was somehow found through nuclear energy-powered aircraft carriers and nuclear armaments), from the same ‘Peace’ book on the 20th-21st century history of the peace symbol by Barry Miles, published by Readers’ Digest.

Thanks so much to THE CREATOR, Estee’s Skywatch in Victoria BC, We Are Change Victoria, Pat Klugh, JustinJustin, Josh Steffler, Greg Hill, Heather Quinn, Jack Etkin, Gorgeous Cafe, Skipper Ron Lund, Michael Easton of Puget Sound Radio, Joani Isberg-Herron of Character Driven, Brutal Truth Crew, Truther Girls, New Agora, Dr. Tim Ball, Premier Bill Vander Zalm, Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Dr. Judy Wood, Dr. Ron Paul and so many others for their love of Truth.

‘We are the Resistance.’

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor

Alias: ‘Goyo de la Rosa’

LA ROSA: goyodelarosa.wordpress.com



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