RON LUND: ‘We have to be good diplomats for our cause. We may not win the world but we will not lose our soul.’ Goyo de la Rosa: ‘HERE COMES THE SON.’

Published August 29, 2013 by goyodelarosa

I appreciate the web and the contact I have with the greater world but I too was wishing I was gathered around a fire, someone playing a guitar and feeling the spirit of comrades uniting against the empire of life haters.

but I have more hope than in years.

people are waking up but some will not be wakened and some go right back to sleep but we have begun to awaken and we will not let them poison the planet with our permission on our shift.

we may not win the world but we will not lose our soul.


Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 09:41:44 -0700


Thanks, Ron… wish you were here…
 Councillor Marianne Alto is skipping the meeting tonight at Victoria City Hall on chemtrails…
Is she just on vacation or does she know something about the military aspects of geo-engineering that she doesn’t want to talk about, I wonder?
Totally whited out with fog here this morn (more rain forecast by the usual frauds)…
Not good weather for postering on wet poles…
Remember that great song by George Harrison, sung by the Beatles and so many others…?
 ‘Here comes the sun’ (hopefully)…
Une Paix
Goyo de la Rosa

From: spiral monkey
To: greg hartnell
Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2013 9:20:08 AM
Subject: like a chicken in an egg

we need to breath

we don’t have a choice but to fight.

good work going to city council.
they are not going to spray us without complaint.
everyone wins when we win.

it is unbelievable and I don’t blame people for not believing, but they have no right to call names or be insulting.
we should be honoured but instead we are scorned.

we have to be good diplomats for our cause.

blue skies

4 comments on “RON LUND: ‘We have to be good diplomats for our cause. We may not win the world but we will not lose our soul.’ Goyo de la Rosa: ‘HERE COMES THE SON.’

  • Lulu La Loba likes this.

    Josh Steffler it is an open meeting for the city hall, anyone is welcome, there is no more chance I believe to sign up as a speaker in support of this, but I think I willl go and film it….

    Greg Hartnell is a great guy and on our side of truth justice and fighting the NWO

    Coral Reef good idea josh..illlook forward to watchin/listnein in after…

  • Thanks, Josh.

    Not sure whether the public part of the Victoria City Council meeting this evening comes first or last, but it probably wouldn’t hurt if those still interested in saying something about their concerns about chemtrail-induced human health hazards came to the line-up at the mic anyway, whether one is ‘registered’ with them or not… to exercise our God-given free speech rights.

    People of reasonable intelligence, the more authoritative and ‘scientific’-sounding the better of course are very welcome to inform the Councillors of the toxic agenda of these mad Eugenicist Transhumanist maniacs!

    I am not scientific, but I think the onus is upon the politicians to tell us what they discover, and that is the beauty of Premier Bill Vander Zalm’s FOI strategy.

    Hope to see you there with other WACV friends…


    Gregory Hartnell

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