PAT KLUGH: ‘I went to a Victoria public city council meeting for the first time and man, wow, what a complete waste of time and energy that occurs there.’

Published August 30, 2013 by goyodelarosa
so I went to a Victoria public city council meeting for the first time and man, wow, what a complete waste of time and energy that occurs there. it took over an hour to talk about building a freaking house. skip the damn back stories and reminiscing, get to the damn point of today. anyway, after listening to all that stuff, (which had agenda 21 all over it if you know what to listen for), they got to the public speaking…
  • Pat Klugh likes this.
  • Pat Klugh the first one up was a guy who has been shilling, not only wrc Victoria, but truthers in general. he tried turning chemtrails, agenda 21 and other stuff all into a big, crazy Zionist jew racist thing, even attempting to call all of us in the room Zionist jews before the mayor cut him off and told him to keep to the issue and not make it personal. I will post video here once it’s uploaded. 7
  • Pat Klugh then greg hartnell (I think that’s right) went up, immediately let it be clear that whatever larry was going on about has nothing to do with why he, and the rest of us, were there. each speaker had 5 minutes, no follow ups allowed, and no response or comments from the council or mayor. I will post greg’s video here
  • Pat Klugh now, the one thing that I heard over and over again that just really irked me was the words, “Your Worship”. really people? does the mayor not work for us??? that is a complete lack of respect and slap in the face to each taxpayer that was, and is, in that room. there is nobody I will ever call Your Worship”

One comment on “PAT KLUGH: ‘I went to a Victoria public city council meeting for the first time and man, wow, what a complete waste of time and energy that occurs there.’

  • I missed the oratorical performance by our friend from the Communist Party of Canada, but I noticed that at various times during the evening, he was pretending to be studying the latest issue of the People’s Daily Propaganda (or whatever it is called, it had a lot blood red ink on the cover).

    He was making quite an obvious display of reading this tabloid newspaper in a very intense manner while waiting for his opportunity to slag all of us with his absurd calumnies…

    I couldn’t help imagining what people would think if anyone at all in that room had the audacity to whip out a copy of some damned Fascist rag.

    I look forward to seeing whether he is successful in having the Victoria City Council do what he wants them to do, in so far as he expressed it in his August 28 ‘late item’ letter sent to them:

    ‘Action you wish Council to take:

    “If Mayor and Council could just please express that the United Nations Agenda 21 document attached has positive or at least benign human rights goals, and is the least concerned with a supposed “New World Order Global Eugenics Genocidal Chemtrails Geo-Engineering Agenda” or “International Jewish Communist Conspiracy,” as some fear-mongering people are suggesting. (The attached UN document is long–no need to print it out.)”‘

    Note that he apparently wants them to endorse UN Agenda 21 without actually reading the damned document!

    Sort of like Bush asking the Gringo politicians to endorse the Patriot Act without actually reading it?

    I am not even sure anymore what this fellow’s real name is, as I had always understood that his name is Larry Wartel (who sometimes signs letters to editors with ‘Frances Pearson’), but neither of those are the name indicated on the letter sent from an unknown person (blacked out at top of page) to the Council Secretary, which is: ‘Larry Wartels’.

    There is no Larry Wartels in the Canpages telephone book for Greater Victoria, but there is a ‘Larry Wartel’ listed as living at:
    ‘403-1035 Pendergast St Vic V8V 2W9’.

    Curiously, that is not the ‘Contact Address’ listed on the letter to the Council Secretary, which is simply:
    ‘1035 Pendergast St’.

    His ‘Contact Phone Number’ and ‘Contact Email’ are also blacked out.

    So, we now know that we have to be concerned about a Canadian Communist partisan who worked diligently to help his fellow traveller in Marxism to get elected to the Victoria City Council, by the (apparently) real name of Larry Wartel, who misrepresents himself to Victoria City Council as ‘Larry Wartels’, who provides them with an inaccurate or incomplete contact address, no contact email, and he was apparently allowed by this Council to malign anyone who opposes UN Agenda 21 as somehow ‘anti-semitic.’

    This absurd unfounded calumny was used last night to divert the attention of the Victoria City Councillors’ away from what I had hoped would be a civilized presentation of personal testimony from myself and others about our concerns pertaining to the chemtrail aerosol assaults (‘geo-engineering’) that plague us daily here in Victoria, and indeed, over the whole of the Capital Regional District.

    – Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, LA ROSA Editor


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