Published August 30, 2013 by goyodelarosa

From: spiral monkey
To: greg hartnell
Sent: Friday, August 30, 2013 10:43:13 AM

Subject: how did it go

I am feeling a bit frustrated this morning. feeling a little  like we cant win.

to be or not to be, is love or law.

the king salomon story of the king offering to cut the baby in half of two women who claimed to be the babies mother shows this.

the real mother saying she was not the mother so the baby could live.

logic would say half a dead baby is better than no baby, but love offers a different point of view and hence changes ones lifes path.

a dead baby or a live one.

a life lived freely or in chains of deception called laws.

to see different is to be different.

waiting for the world to changeé

Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 11:15:52 -0700
From: gregoryhartnell
Subject: Re: how did it go
To: spiralmonkey

Dear Ron:
Depressing Death Cult overcast gloom caused by heavy metals in the chem sprays here today too.
They want us all depressed, dumbed-down, hypnotized by pornographic non-stop ANTI-HUMAN WAR PROPAGANDA.
To love God and our brothers and sisters, that is a Love Supreme, manifest on Terra Firma.
As you say: ‘love offers a different point of view and hence changes ones lifes path.’
Wise King Solomon knew the real mother would sacrifice herself to save her threatened child.
The mother is thus an Old Testament pre-figurement of the sacrifice that Our Lord made on the cross.


Either Pat Klugh, Greg Hill, Josh Steffler and/or Justin Justin of WACV were filming me last night, so I’m hoping they will upload it soon.

They are all upset because the Mayor who was chairing the meeting wouldn’t let them speak, as they had not ‘pre-registered.’
I had to go get my wife and left while Larry Wartel apparently defamed me as a supposed ‘anti-semite’ while also suggesting that all people who are opposed to UN Agenda 21 are also somehow ‘anti-semitic’.
I came back to the meeting after dropping my wife off, and was allowed to speak by the chairman for five minutes.

Of course I mentioned Premier Vander Zalm’s FOI letter to all BC politicians on geo-engineering, advocating that the Victoria City Council work co-operatively with him, and to also then move the issue to the Capital Regional District.

I should add here that I didn’t actually have time near the end of my videotaped appeal to Vic Council to mention that the whole issue of Geo-engineering over the municipalities of this Canadian province could and should be brought up by our Councillors at  the upcoming Union of BC Municipalities meeting next month, as the pro-human life heroic Premier Vander Zalm suggests in his remarkable letter.

But I did recommend that they do just that in my accompanying letter to them, which I published on August 29 here at LA ROSA, the day it was sent to them at 7:11, I believe.

I note for the record that Mr. Wartel’s email to Council was very likely sent from the computer of a lady named Janet Hawkins (unless this is another of Mr. Wartel’s aliases).

Janet Hawkins’ name appears at the top of the yellow official print out from the City of Victoria of a letter sent to them at 12:59 AM August 28, apparently on Mr. Wartel’s behalf.

My August 29 letter was not included in the City’s Amended Agenda of the Thursday night meeting, Aug. 29, 2013, I note for the record.

I’m wondering why Mr. Wartel’s letter appeared in that hefty stapled stack of papier, and yours truly’s didn’t?

They put my name at the top of the list of speakers, so they knew that I was coming.

Perhaps the Mayor and some of the Councillors never got my early morning letter to them, which gave a formal aspect to my appeal, and which I tried to use later as a framework for my verbal appeal that night.

We know for sure that Councillor Alto wasn’t going to be there, because her auto response said so.

I don’t think Mayor Fortin read the letter, although an auto response announced his heavy work load, etc.

I don’t believe that Councillor Geoff Young was at the meeting, which is a shame, as I believe that he also is still an appointed Director on the CRD board with Councillors Isitt and Alto.

Anyway, to get to the UBCM convention in time  means that they really have to start doing their observations, their study, and their ‘governance’ quickly.
This makes it urgent, which it really already is, and always has been from the start, of course…
Hope blue skies shine on you and your family today, my friend.
Blessings of Jah.


Here is Pat Klugh’s video of my impromptu speech to Victoria City Council on geo-engineering over the skies of Victoria and the Capital Regional District, shot last night at Victoria City Hall, August 29, 2013:

Pat Klugh
16 minutes ago via YouTube
  • greg hartnell talking to victoria city council about geoengineering in our sky.
    Video from My Phone
    video uploaded from my mobile phone


thanks for the newsy reply.

sometimes I am not sure the egg will crack.

I thought zalms plea would waken people up.

it must be powerful to make the media black out his message.

I think we have to start considering the people wont care even if they find out.

shocking as that seems but the dumbing down is working, I am sure.


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    JOSH STEFFLER:canuckfanjosh

    Larry Wartel of the Communist Party tries to link chemtrails to anti-semitism

    canuckfanjosh·51 videos

    Published on Aug 30, 2013

    this is how the bolsheviks attack, they try and link anyone who opposes them racism.

    There was NO ONE there talking about Jewish communism except Larry Wartel, a known left wing attack dog for the Canadian Communist Party.

    Trying to link people talking about chemtrails and Agenda 21 to Anti-Semitism is the lowest of the low.

    A BIG FAIL on Larry’s part..keep up the chemtrail awareness people!

    Standard YouTube License

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