QUEBEC’S PROPOSED EUTHANASIA BILL 52 SIMILAR TO BELGIAN LAW: ‘Euthanasia out-of-control in Belgium,’ reports Alex Schadenberg @ + LA ROSA

Published September 6, 2013 by goyodelarosa

Euthanasia out-of-control in Belgium: Quebec’s Bill 52 is based on the Belgian euthanasia law


  • Fri Sep 06, 2013 09:22 EST

Quebec is currently debating a medical model to decriminalize euthanasia. Bill 52, the Quebec euthanasia bill, uses similar definitions as those used by the Belgian euthanasia law.

The following information is based on data from Belgium.

Deaths without request or consent.

A study that was published in the (CMAJ June, 2010) concluded that 32% of euthanasia deaths in the Flemish region of Belgium are done without explicit request. A similar study that was published in the (CMAJ June, 2010) concluded that 45% of euthanasia deaths involving nurses in Belgium were done without explicit request.

Many people claim that the Belgian euthanasia law is controlled and yet the data indicates that many euthanasia deaths are never reported.

Belgian nurses involvement in euthanasia.

The Belgian euthanasia law specifically limits the act of euthanasia to physicians. The study that was published in the (CMAJ June, 2010) found that when nurses were involved with the euthanasia death the lethal dose was injected by the nurse 12% of the time. The study indicated that in 12 cases the doctor was not present at the time of injection and twice, the nurse did not consult the physician. All of these acts are technically illegal in Belgium.

There has never been an attempted prosecution for abuses of the Belgian euthanasia law.


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