OBOMBA IS THE ANTI-CHRIST: ‘Cosmic spiritual warfare is at the heart of our battle,’ writes Gregory Hartnell, open letter to Ryan Elson of dissembling.org

Published September 10, 2013 by goyodelarosa

Icke is an obvious fraudulent New Ager and Alex Jones is confusing many Christian people every time he gets that NWO goof on his show.

As for Luciferianism at the core of the UN, I have been aware of that Alice Bailey at the Presidio history for some time, and the knowledge of that demonic origin of the HQ of the New World Order which brings us Agenda 21 and the new world religion, encoded in the Earth Charter, is there for all to see, if they have the eyes to see it.
Cosmic spiritual warfare is at the heart of our battle.
 It is an eternal battle between the forces of Good and Evil, and it never ends… until the Judgement Day.
Control freaks in all parties can join the New World Order, and the real tragedy is that they do, willingly.
They go to the crossroads, so to speak, and sell their souls to the Devil in the pursuit of some weird power trip… of course the Devil ruins them in the process, and never delivers anything except more DAMNED DEATH.
Harper is a classic example of a confirmed Globalist parading around as some sort of Christian, all the while he defies the Mosaic Commandment that prohibits killing.
I refer you to my latest LA ROSA post which shows him with his wife, holding an abandoned kitten… like most elitist Globalists, they are simple-minded sentimentalist animal-lovers, but they obviously hate humanity, otherwise they wouldn’t be aborting, contracepting, euthanizing, sterilizing, chemtrailing, vaccinating and generally running amok supporting the so-called ‘freedom fighters’ in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, etc. (‘Al CIAduh’), constantly spreading Death Culture in a myriad of devilishly different ways.
Canada isn’t a Christian country anymore, I am sorry to admit, and Christian soldiers who are awake should desert the Canadian Forces now.
The Vatican ‘diplomatic corps’ should be shut down, and no Pope should ever set foot in the evil Star Chamber called the UN ever again.
Pope Francis is now leading the peace-loving world against Obomba… I just hope and pray that Francis doesn’t turn out to be a false prophet or a Mason, and I was truly weirded out by all that fire in the cauldron stuff in his peace vigil the other day… that seemed like some sort of ancient pagan rite, rife with Masonic symbolism, in my humble opinion as an RC.
So far, I agree with Pastor Manning (Brooklyn-based old school Southern Protestant preacher) that Obomba is the Anti-Christ.
Spirit bless your good work for TRUTH.

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