VICTORIA + CAPITAL REGIONAL DISTRICT ‘CHEMTRAIL’ GEO-ENGINEERING DEBATE: G. P. M. HARTNELL VERSUS DAVID SUZUKI: ‘I brought the matter to the attention of the Victoria City Council at a public meeting the day after David Suzuki’s misleading column appeared,’ wrote Hartnell to Victoria News Editor

Published September 18, 2013 by goyodelarosa

Gregory Hartnell, Concerned Citizen historian
1357 Rockland Avenue
Victoria V8S 1V7
Tel. 250 382 97 67
Victoria News
Re: A silver bullet for climate change? (Science Matters, August 28)
  Once again, I must object to the highly questionable ‘science’ peddled by sustainability cultist David Suzuki in his latest column on geoengineering (‘chemtrails’). I note that he contemptuously refers to people like me as ‘deluded deniers,’ but I must wonder if he isn’t in deep denial himself about this alarming aerial spraying.
  David Suzuki pretends that very obvious ‘solar radiation management’ geoengineering isn’t already happening: ‘geoengineering to combat climate change is largely untested.’
  The geoengineering over the skies of Victoria and the Capital Regional District is there for anyone with eyes to see, unblinkered by any close-minded ‘climate change’ prejudice.
  As an artist, historian and long-time organic gardener who has lived here most of my 61 years, I can see the evidence of this so-called ‘solar radiation management’ almost every day, and that is the reason that I brought the matter to the attention of the Victoria City Council at a public meeting the day after David Suzuki’s misleading column appeared.
  I implored the Mayor and Council to learn how to recognize the strange unnatural forms of the artificial clouds produced by geoengineering as distinct from the more familiar natural cloud formations which most people recognize, calling the latter ‘the aesthetics of reality.’
  I also begged them to order ‘sustainability’ staff to do the pertinent scientific and ‘governance’ research of this spraying of Victorians, coupled with any further research that may need to be done by any concerned Councillors, particularly Councillors Alto, Isitt and Young, Victoria Council’s appointed Capital Regional District directors, and to then take that information to the CRD and vote to stop it at the regional level.
  Finally, I urged them to respectfully co-operate with the Freedom of Information letter pertinent to geoengineering in Canada sent to all municipal, provincial and federal politicians by pro-life former Premier Bill Vander Zalm, and to again bring their concerns to stop it to the upcoming meeting of the BC Union of Municipalities, as Mr. Vander Zalm suggests.
Gregory Hartnell
Concerned Citizen

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