TERRY GORDON ON TLC FIASCO: ‘Is Wildwood safe from being sold off in the open real estate market?’ Senior Ecoforester wonders in letter to LA ROSA Editor Gregory Hartnell

Published October 9, 2013 by goyodelarosa


Senior Eco-Forester with the late great eco-forester in his kitchen


 I suspect you have already read today’s article in the TC by Carla Wilson per TLC’s now officially in Supreme Court ordered ‘creditor protection’ status with a court-appointed Monitor.
  So, we come to the end of the road that we have always expected would happen – but, is Wildwood safe from being sold off in the open real estate market: always our final concern and its possible inevitability.

Wondering if you wish to inquire and/or write about about Wildwood in blogs?

And if you would contact Ron MacIssac, or know of someone friendly enough with him to inquire, as to what he knows of Wildwood’s legal status and possibility of protection.

  Interestingly, some of TLC’s properties are mentioned in the article, but not Wildwood – it is likely the most valuable and quick and easy to sell. Hmmmm…

And some of the executive of the last few years are still holding their positions.

  You may also find the second link I include: an article in the Nanaimo paper some months ago about what was happening out at Wildwood.
Wish There Was Better News, But It Is What It Is, … and we are not surprised.
Very Best Regards,
(ps. you will see my reply letter in the Nanaimo article)

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