FREEDOM + SOLUTIONS RALLY: Sat., Oct. 26, 12 noon – 2 p.m., BC LEGISLATURE @ Pat Klugh + ESTEE’S SKY WATCH IN VICTORIA B.C + Speakers’ list so far @ WACV + LA ROSA

Published October 18, 2013 by goyodelarosa
Hi WAC. I offered to put up an ad on my, we’ve got 100,000 visitors a month. But I need an ad made up for it. 300px wide by 250px. If you can do it let me know. Thanks!


The New Agora

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  • Hey folks, I have here a bit of info, need some help and participation to make it an excellent event…Speakers list so far;
    Josh Steffler
    Brad Rhodes
    Greg Hill
    Paul Stein
    Raymond Geisler
    Jamie Scott
    Gregory Hartnell
    Ryan Elson
    Music- tentative Brad Loomes and possibly Jesse giving the chemtrail rap?
    we need some women on board here..Gail? Heather? Coral?I have had no luck getting Sensible BC, Stop Smart meters, or Vicky Huntington confirm a speaking spot…Jesse is allowing us to use his speakers, I am hoping brad will give him a ride to the event? We also need marshalls and some posters put up around town and posters made to put up around town we need some people to staff the info table or tables…we could use an email signup sheet, DVDs to hand out, info sheets, some petitions written up…

    feeling some panic setting in because we have 10 days before the event and it feels like it is not as organized as last time…

    also please join the event page and invite your friends, people are joiners and the more people we have on the page the better turnout we will have…

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