FREEDOM SOLUTIONS RALLY, Saturday, October 26, noon – 2, Legislature: Coral Reef’s funky handmade sign

Published October 24, 2013 by goyodelarosa
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      I am grateful to Josh Steffler of We Are Change Victoria for inviting me to be first on the schedule of speakers for this historic Freedom Solutions event at the Victoria Legislature.

      I had hoped that former premier William Vander Zalm would be the much more deserving person to enjoy that honour, but apparently he had a prior engagement, otherwise he would have come.

      I understand that the late great ‘battling barrister’ Douglas Hewson Christie was a speaker at the first such Freedom Solutions rally, and refer my readers to the ‘awsometown’ video called ‘My Name is Douglas…’ which is found in a previous post, which has excerpts from that historic speech.

      I shall be giving my first Freedom Solutions speech in Victoria at the Legislature this Saturday afternoon, therefor, gratefully aware of the now well-worn exploratory path to secession from Decadent Globalist-occupied Canada, first envisioned and advocated by Mr. Christie, the West’s courageous original prophetic pro-life libertarian separatist leader.

      Doug Christie was an Orwell scholar and warned of Big Brother in Canada.

      His love of our God-given freedom, found first in the families of the West, motivated him to devote his life work to defending them.

      I daresay that I need, for the sake of my own conscience, my sanity and my health, to try to follow on that same ‘Free West Life Way’.

      – Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor

      Alias: ‘Goyo de la Rosa’

      LA ROSA

      Rockland, Thursday, October 24, 2013.


      WRCV Event: 3rd Annual Freedom and Solutions Rally

      We Are Change Victoria presents the 3rd Annual Freedom and Solutions Rally

      Victoria, BC, Canada – On Saturday, 26 October 2013 – assertive citizens will lawfully assemble on the front steps of the B.C. Legislature from 12:00pm-2:00pm for the 3rd Annual Freedom and Solutions Rally.  Prominent liberty-minded speakers from across British Columbia will share viable solutions for Canadians to use as empowered individuals to shape a future free from state sponsored tyranny.

      Join us at the steps of the Legislature to meet engaged community leaders and share your solutions with others. RSVP on Facebook or just show up! Bring signs, smiles, and solutions! It’s going to be sunny.

      Everyone is always welcome!

      Speakers List:
      Brad Rhodes – Co-Host of Freedom Free For All television on Shaw Channel 4
      Debbie Newhook – Member of  We Are Change Nanaimo
      Josh Steffler – Co-Chair of We Are Change Victoria
      Amanda Orum – Nanaimo Community Advocate
      Raymond Geisler – Host of Unbought and Unbossed Radio
      Paul Stein – Executive Producer of Freedom Free For All television
      Norah Holloway – Guest Host of Network Radio Live – Truth Talk
      Jamie Scott – Leader of the Canadian Truth Party
      Greg Hill – Co-Chair of We Are Change Victoria
      Coral Osad – Member of We Are Change Victoria
      Gregory Hartnell – Independent Victoria Journalist
      Ryan Elson – Investigative Journalist
      David Arthur Johnston – Right to Sleep Activist

      For the past three (3) years we’ve rallied the community to share their voice. Check out this awesome recap video from the 1st Annual Rally in 2011. Here are the videos of our 2nd Annual Rally in 2012.

      Courage – The key to happiness is freedom, the key to freedom is courage.

      See you there!
      The We Are Change Victoria Crew


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