HARTNELL ON GLOBALIST EUGENICS NOW: Concerned Citizen artist-historian to speak at 12 noon, October 26, 2013, Legislature, Victoria @ FREEDOM SOLUTIONS RALLY

Published October 26, 2013 by goyodelarosa

I’m honoured to be first speaker on the list for the 3rd annual Freedom and Solutions rally today, presented by We Are Change Victoria (WACV) and Freedom Free for All (FFFA), Shaw tv’s best ‘community access’ programme.

I shall be paying my heartfelt respect to a previous speaker at the first rally, my mentor in Western Independence and Christian pro-life liberation, the late great ‘battling barrister’ Douglas Hewson Christie*, and then primarily addressing the lamentable history of the pernicious philosophy of Eugenics, which is at the core of the anti-human Agenda 21 plan of massive 90%+ depopulation concocted by the United Nations.

I will attempt to alert our audience to the indubitable fact that this Death Cult mania for reducing the size of the human race on this planet did not die out with the fall of the Nazis in Germany in the 20th century.

Rather, the United Nations’ Agenda 21 ‘sustainable development’ inventory and control fetish for quantification of all planetary resource data is designed as a massive culling plan, an indiscriminate multifaceted eugenics undertaking of huge scale, targeting all races, starting with the most vulnerable of the unarmed and peaceful Christians and Muslims, including Caucasians and all people of traditional cultures who might have the audacity to resist the evil New World Order… and then going on to target the more resistant elements…wherever we may be found.

After host Josh Steffler welcomes the people and makes the introduction, I will speak for at least ten minutes (and perhaps more, time permitting).

I’ll be bringing down a few back issues of The New Agora magazine, which is a new libertarian-oriented full colour free publication from Vancouver which is giving the old hippies at Common Ground quite a few headaches.

I regret that someone has hacked my yahoo.ca email account (probably NWO operatives, who knows?) and they have been sending out spam soliciting money. My apologies to anyone who got this junkmail. I am trying to get it stopped and fixed, of course…

* Please refer to the comments section below where an Awsometown video is found. It is entitled “Where are the 98%? My name is Douglas…’, and was filmed at the first 2011 Freedom and Solutions rally at the Legislature, featuring Douglas Hewson Christie.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, LA ROSA Editor

Alias: ‘Goyo de la Rosa’


    • 12:00pm until 2:00pm

  • WAC Victoria comes back for a third time bringing freedom and solutions based speakers to help push back against the hijacking of our society, the cancerous growth of the state, and all the wrongs we see pushing society into a tyrannical future.

505 Belleville St, Victoria, British Columbia


Latest cover art for The New Agora



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