MALTHUS INFLUENCED DARWIN, MARX, KEYNES, MAO, ERLICH: Gaian Globalist Naturalist Eugenicist Death Cult is central to New World Order’s United Nations’ Agenda 21-Earth Charter ‘green sustainable development’ theocracy

Published October 26, 2013 by goyodelarosa


Classical economics
Thomas Malthus.jpg

Thomas Robert Malthus
Born 14 February 1766
Died 29 December 1834 (aged 68)
Field Demographymacroeconomics
Opposed William GodwinMarquis de CondorcetJean-Jacques RousseauDavid Ricardo
Influences David RicardoJean Charles Léonard de Sismondi
Influenced Charles DarwinPaul R. EhrlichFrancis PlaceRaynold KaufgetzGarrett HardinJohn Maynard KeynesPierre François VerhulstAlfred Russel WallaceWilliam ThompsonKarl MarxMao Zedong
Contributions Malthusian growth model

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