‘MOST TRUSTED RESPECTED SCIENTIST’ SUZUKI AIN’T INFALLIBLE SAINT (nor a knight): ‘He has received many awards, honours, including Order of Canada Companion , but he has not been sainted or knighted, he’s human, not infallible,’ says davidsuzuki.org + The Trial of David Suzuki @ LA ROSA

Published October 27, 2013 by goyodelarosa
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The Trial of David Suzuki

Portrait of Dr. David Suzuki.

Imagine a time when we might find our most trusted and respected scientists tried in a court of law for speaking out against our environmental practices. The “Trial” takes the views about climate change of one well-known and controversial scientist and gives his supporters, and those that disagree with him, equal time to challenge each others ideas about our changing environment, and how the way we live impacts it.

The Trial of David Suzuki – a powerful live theatre and public engagement project conceived and produced by Laurie Brown, is presented by Cape Farewell in partnership with Donnelly Law, and ROM Contemporary Culture, as part of Carbon 14: Climate is Culture.

Thank you to our supporters, Caroline Birks of Panicaro Foundation, John St., and David Suzuki Foundation.


David Suzuki is a 77-year-old grandfather, Order of Canada honoured environmental science communicator, but not an infallible saint, nor a knight, says David Suzuki Foundation


We would also like to take a moment to set the record straight: Although Sun Media consistently refers to David Suzuki as a saint, he isn’t.

He has received many awards and honours, including being named a Companion of the Order of Canada, but he has not been sainted or knighted, and he’s human, not infallible.

He’s a 77-year-old grandfather who has devoted his life to communicating the wonders of science and finding solutions for our shared environmental problems. But mostly he’s a human doing what he can to make a positive difference.

We find it strange that anyone would be opposed to protecting the air, water, land and biodiversity that we need for our health and survival, but recent attempts to tarnish the reputation of David Suzuki, as well as the Foundation and other environmental groups, show that some people view short-term profit for the fossil fuel industry as more important than protecting the planet.


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