FROM CRD DRONE PHOTOS TO GLOBALIST GARDEN GNOMES: UN AGENDA 21 raintax 101: CRD all property drone photo data used to make UN AGENDA 21 raintax seem more ‘scientific’…City of Vic uses plastic gnomes to signal sustainability cult membership, infantilize Victoria taxpayers

Published November 9, 2013 by goyodelarosa
The gnomes are coming…
Photo: The gnomes are coming...
  •  Is that an orange shamrock on the side of the Gaian gnome’s wizard’s cone hat?

    Could this be an NDP insiders’ sick joke at the expense of the Victoria taxpayers?

    Are the City of Victoria sustainable rainwater drone gnomes made in Communist China?

    Is the City of Victoria being jerked around by a Globalist Luciferian Masonic eugenicist death cult?


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