VICTORIA TRUTHER JOSH STEFFLER OWNS ELITIST EX-LIBERAL KEYNSIAN NDP LEADER: “Asked Mulcair about reducing MPs pensiosn to the same leve as everyone else…”

Published November 16, 2013 by goyodelarosa

Josh Steffler of We Are Change Victoria asked the New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair the question of the day at the Cook Street Community Centre yesterday.

To paraphrase Mr. Steffler: “You talk a lot about rectifying inequalities in Canada, sir.

“Will you give up your ostentatious MP’s pension in order to ‘equalize’ it with our paltry Canada pensions?”

Clearly taken off guard, the slick self-styled egalitarian Quebec City former Liberal promised that an NDP government would work to eliminate inequalities for all Canadians, and to raise the CPP upwards so that all could enjoy the same benefits (presumably as those enjoyed by the corrupted Members of the House of Commons).

These quotes are approximations, and it will certainly be instructive to hear what the video produced by Freedom Free For All by Greg Hill will show.

That last quote by Mulcair in answer to Josh Steffler’s query is clearly one that will come back to haunt him.

Below is how Josh Steffler phrased his provocative question to the utopian socialists at the event’s fb page.

Note that neither Victoria’s smiling Member Murray nor his overlord Mulcair answered Mr. Steffler’s question at fb:

Robert Arnold
I think it would be more helpful to increase the GIS. This would focus the assistance to the poorer Canadians, whose work record is spotty and whose CPP payments are low as a result.I spent most of my working life advocating for poor people as a volunteer for the NDP MLA’s in Victoria and sitting on Tribunals as a Volunteer. My CPP is about $34 per month. I would benefit from the GIS increase more than the increase in CPP, as would other poor people.

  • Murray Rankin Agreed. To achieve a secure retirement, and secure future for all Canadians, a New Democrat government would:
    • Reverse the Conservative age increase (from age 65 to age 67) to the eligibility age for OAS
    • Increase GIS to eliminate poverty among seniors
    • Increase mandatory CPP with the goal of doubling the maximum benefit
  • Josh Steffler so will you also put MPs on the same pension plan as other Canadians? or is the CPP not good enough for MPs?
  • Maryn Roy Yes same as us
  • Dawn Keough


    • Josh Steffler did not get to ask Randall Garrison anything, but asked Mulcair about reducing MPs pensiosn to the same leve as everyone else, and INterviewed Murray Rankin for the FFFA tv show and the questions were;
      1. do you support a debt jubilee and using the bank of canada instead of paying 170 million a day on private interest
      2. Will you support military intervention in syria? you support a new independent investigation with supoena powers into the 9/11 attacks….that made him walk off the interview….llol
      21 hours ago · Like · 2
    • Josh Steffler video up tonight afvter I get home from work
      21 hours ago · Like · 1

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