THE GREAT FERRY DEBATE: Joani Isberg-Herron: ‘The question is simple: publicly funded or privately funded ?’ @ LA ROSA

Published January 6, 2014 by goyodelarosa
BC Ferries is bent. Let’s fix it. | Common Ground

Our ferry system may seem badly broken and beyond repair, but it is merely bent. Every person in BC is being urged to take control once again, to put our ferry system back in service and back on course. It’s in everyone’s best interest to be rowing in the same direction, seizing this opportunity to…

  • Trevor HappyFeet Martin There are two possible layers here; one to more accurately attribute costs from operational expenses and the other from capital costs. National (or provincial) economic development might have been long delayed or never have happened without public fron…See More
  • Joani Isberg-Herron What has this got to do with infrastructure? There is no cost-benefit to the builders of a road or bridge in our province, yet there are huge profits to be made on a hydro-electric project. You’re comparing apples to avocados. Roads are not a ‘capital …See More
  • Joani Isberg-Herron The question is simple: publicly funded or privately funded? Will we have ferries built by philanthropists who want to have their name prominently displayed as the vessels cross the Straight? That’s as close as we can get to a comparison when it comes to enterprises that will return a profit to the investor.

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