Published January 18, 2014 by goyodelarosa

Christopher Monckton (, the genius policy director of UKIP, chats with Aaron Dykes when the latter still worked for in 2012 in this YouTube video.

Monckton and Dykes discuss evil eugenics-based conditional IMF loans to ‘undeveloped’ countries, the obvious failure of’climate change’ junk science, dangers of misleading seductive UN Agenda 21 ‘sustainability’ myths, and the nasty ever-growing non-accountable European tyranny of Brussels-based Globalist bureaucrats.

Wide awake and vehemently opposed to all that deadly Globalist caca, Moncton, with complete ease displays his amazing command of his maternal English language, and mentors the younger American man on the superior design of God’s Natural Law as expressed in the wonderful blessings of human life, liberty, free market property rights and subsidiarity.

This latter Catholic principle holds that the best human government is that which arises naturally from the self-government of very small groups, and the pernicious tendency to grow ever larger ‘control freak’ non-accountable bureaucracies and governments should always be resisted.

The eloquent genius of this Catholic English advocate of true independence and sovereignty is evident in the YouTube video.

– Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell,

‘Goyo de la Rosa’ (nom d’artiste)

LA ROSA Editor



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