MORGENTALER’S HORRIFIC LEGACY: 3,100,000 DEAD CANADIAN BABIES SINCE 1988: ‘Marking Morgentaler Anniversary with Money,’ by Stephanie Gray @ CCBR’s EndtheKilling: Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform + LA ROSA

Published February 2, 2014 by goyodelarosa

Marking the Morgentaler Anniversary with Money

Submitted by sgray on January 28, 2014 – 12:46pm

by Stephanie Gray

Today, January 28, marks the 26th anniversary of unrestricted access to dismembering the youngest of our kind through abortion, thanks to the Morgentaler decision on this date in 1988.  When it comes to significant moments in history, we tend to reflect on the individual at the forefront—in this case, Henry Morgentaler.  And yet, Morgentaler could not have advanced his cause were it not for a team of people fueling his efforts.  One such person was businessman Ed Ratcliffe.

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Ratcliffe was a major financial backer for abortionist Henry Morgentaler during Morgentaler’s efforts to establish widespread legal abortion in Canada. On the day of this dark anniversary, I wanted to reflect on what Ratcliffe did as a challenge to pro-lifers to do the same—except for great good.

At CCBR we have a team of 15 young people working to save pre-born children, and currently we need to raise $110,000 to bring 25 more young people on our team this year for our various summer and fall programs. Would you mark today’s deadly anniversary by donating to CCBR to help us save babies?

Consider the example of Ratcliffe as outlined in Morgentaler’s biography A Difficult Hero by Catherine Dunphy:

“…Ratcliffe wrote out a cheque for $10,000 [for Morgentaler’s fight]. Just like that. No fanfare, no strings. ‘I liked what he was doing and he was the only one doing it,’ he said…


“Ratcliffe was impatient. Before he met Henry, he’d written a couple of cheques to the Morgentaler Defence Committee in Hamilton and Toronto—probably for $5,000 each, Ratcliffe wasn’t sure—to sustain their work. He also had written to A.R. Kaufman, the birth control advocate from Kitchener, Ontario, asking for his support for Henry. Kaufman sent back a cheque for $1,000, commenting that Henry had taken referrals for vasectomies from an organization he’d set up in Quebec called Parents Information Bureau, but that he thought it ‘unfortunate for Dr. Morgentaler that he agreed to broadcast the abortion operation.’ Ratcliffe wrote Kaufman back July 23, thanking him for his contribution, adding, somewhat wryly, ‘I’ve only spent about $20,000 so far’ in the fight to legalize abortion.

“Already Ratcliffe was thinking bigger. Henry’s supporters shouldn’t have to be continually fund-raising. He was willing to keep writing the cheques if his money would float an organized group working flat out and full-time to lobby Parliament to legalize abortion on demand.”

Are pro-lifers prepared to give as Ratcliffe gave? Are we willing to write the cheques to keep an organized group like CCBR working flat out and full-time to EndtheKilling?

Besides helping Morgentaler directly, Ratcliffe helped re-establish CARAL (Canadian Association for the Repeal of the Abortion Law) by putting his money towards this effort. Then, he financed abortion clinics in the Third World.

Please help us undo all that Ratcliffe and Morgentaler did.  Please mark this anniversary with a financial contribution to CCBR so that we can create a new anniversary in Canada—the day abortion no longer exists.



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