PRO-LIFE CANADIAN Bishop of Pembroke Ontario Michael Mulhall withholding funds from Development + Peace Globalists for ‘African pro-abortion group partner on DP website’ reports PETER BAKLINSKI @ + LA ROSA

Published March 20, 2014 by goyodelarosa


Oratoire Saint Joseph a Mont Royal:


Canadian bishop again withholds funding from D&P after funding scandals


  • Wed Mar 19, 2014 18:32 EST

 PEMBROKE, Ontario, March 19, 2014 (

– An Ontario bishop has once again decided to withhold Lenten alms from the Canadian bishops’ international charitable arm Development & Peace (D&P), which was found earlier this month listing an African pro-abortion group as a partner on its website.

“Once again, we will continue the practice of sharing the Annual Diocesan Lenten Missionary and Development Collection with religious communities and apostolates that have a connection with the diocese to be used in their efforts with the poor,” wrote Bishop of Pembroke Michael Mulhall in a letter to all diocesan priests dated March 5.

On March 4, reported that D&P had listed Women for Change as a partner on its website. The group actively campaigns for what it calls “comprehensive abortion care” in Zambia.

D&P removed Women for Change from its website shortly after LifeSiteNews contacted them and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops about the partnership. Neither organization has clarified, however, whether or not the partnership continues.

 Founded by the Canadian bishops as their official development agency in 1967, D&P has funded dozens of problematic groups in the developing world that advocate for legal abortion as well as other activities such as contraception and homosexual “rights.”

While the Canadian bishops began a reform of D&P in 2010, the charity still profiles pro-abortion partners on its website. It has also refused to release a full list of its partners since 2009, when LifeSiteNews began reporting on its partnerships.

D&P’s 2014 “Share Lent” campaign focuses on ending “world hunger” with the slogan: “One Human Family, Food for All.”

Mulhall indicated in his letter that the faithful are free to contribute to D&P on their own if they choose. This is the fourth consecutive year that he has withheld funding from the charity.

See’s extensive coverage of the Development and Peace scandal since 2009here.

Find list of other possible charities for Lenten almsgiving at

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