CHEMTRAILS: Sister Rosalie Bertell, PhD: Grey Nun of the SACRED HEART interviewed at Mother House, Yardley, Penn., snowshoefilms video @ + LA ROSA

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Chemtrails: Sr. Rosalie Bertell, PhD
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Sunday, April 20th, 2014

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In May 2005, snowshoefilms interviewed epidemiologist Rosalie Bertell (Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart) in New York City.

Questions covered a wide range of topics, including ‘chemtrails.’

The 7-part interview was posted on Archive, and subsequently posted by others on youtube.

Here’s a 2009 updated edit of that interview, with chemtrail footage from Sister Bertell’s Mother House in Yardley, Pennsylvania (2007) and video from Chautauqua, N.Y.

Note: Cliff Carnicom (LA, May 17 2008 Chemtrail Convergence) calls attention to 3 aspects of chemtrails: ionized metalic salts, organic fibers, and dessicated red blood cells.

It is our view that these dessicated blood cells are used to disseminate mycoplasmas — in particular, weaponized mycoplasmas such as fermentans incognitus.

See snowshoefilms’ video of microbiologist Garth Nicolson for an explanation of how mycoplasmas could be disseminated via aerosol spray for genetically targeted populations (most of us).

Note also, Sr. Bertell references ‘global warming’ as if it might be human caused.

Whether or not that is so (we doubt it), chemtrails have been officially advanced as a mechanism to combat ‘global warming’.

Most likely, they contribute to local warming.

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Chemtrails: Sr. Rosalie Bertell, PhD,

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