Wisconsin Christian News on Geoengineering: ‘This is not normal airline activity. It’s likely you have seen it. It’s time now to acknowledge it, and begin demanding answers,’ writes Rob Pue @ Aircrap.org + LA ROSA

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Wisconsin Christian News on Geoengineering

Posted by Rusty @ AIRCRAP.ORG:


Climate Change and Geoengineering
By Rob Pue http://www.wisonsinchristiannews.com/view.php?sid=5014

According to the calendar, spring has sprung. Yet, as I prepare this message, here in Wisconsin, we are again experiencing a weekend of below freezing temperatures. It has been one of the longest, coldest, snowiest winters on record.

This was the year we first heard the phrase “Polar Vortex” on a regular basis as many parts of our country were routinelly plunged into below zero temperatures for days and weeks at a time. Here in Wisconsin, wind chill factors of forty-below-zero were commonplace.

It’s not that we are not used to this in our part of the world. Its just that this winter, we had heavy snowfalls often two or three times a week, on top of the frigid temps. Roofs collapsed under the weight of the snow, and TV weathermen termed the winter weather, “Relentless.”

In the midst of all this, our government was forced to change their mantra of “Global Warming,” to “Climate Change,” to reflect the fact that the polar ice caps are, in fact, NOT melting away, as previously claimed. In Antarctica, a ship loaded with Climate Change scientists, intent on proving the global warming theory, instead found themselves trapped for weeks, their ship effectively locked in place by ice.

Still, secretary of state John Kerry declared that Climate Change is perhaps the most serious problem we are facing in the world today, and called it the deadliest of “weapons of mass destruction.” But he did not get much traction with that statement, as it was deemed so ignorant and ridiculous that even some hard-core liberals could not swallow it.

And yet, in March, Obama renewed his push for sweeping new EPA regulations to combat the plague of Climate Change. These new rules will affect existing power plants, and most certainly halt any expansion of new power plants in this country, especially coal-powered facilities.

In fact, the president has already stated that anyone interested in launching new coal plants will be free to do so, but has vowed to ensure that if they try, they will go bankrupt. At the same time, he has admitted that these new regulations will, in his own words, cause the price of energy in this country to “skyrocket.”

Let’s look at a few facts. First of all, it should be noted that the Earth has indeed warmed… but it has also cooled… over the past 100 years. We see periods of above normal temperatures, as well as periods of below normal temperatures. Above normal snowfall, and below normal snowfall.

There are cycles we go through regularly, but honest scientists will tell you that there is NOTHING to suggest that we are facing catastrophic climate change anytime in the foreseeable future. What’s more, greenhouse gas emissions in the United States have actually fallen 20% or more between 1990 and 2009.

According to cfact.org, “the idea that there is a ‘scientific consensus’ does not hold up. Scientists who are skeptical about “dangerous manmade climate change” have been speaking out for years.” Even those who had been “alarmist” about climate change for years are now admitting they do not know what the climate is doing.

Cfact goes on to say, “The claim that ‘97% of scientists agree’ is based on 77 anonymous scientists who responded to a an online survey. The survey started by seeking opinions from 10,257 scientists.

However, the survey authors selectively whittled down the responses to just 77 scientists. So the 97% ‘consensus’ claim is not based on thousands of scientists or even hundreds of scientists – but 75 out of only 77 scientists.

Thus, the oft repeated 97 percent ‘consensus’ is based on only 75 anonymous scientists. Yet, on this basis some say we should tax and eliminate hydrocarbon use, severely restricting U.S. job creation and economic growth.”

For whatever reason, despite clear scientific evidence to the contrary, our government seems intent and resolute to maintain the Climate Change agenda. This agenda is multi-faceted, with regulations and restrictions on power plants, the use of aerosols, heating and air conditioning, and even our planes, trains and automobiles.

President’s stated plan is to make the use of conventional power sources and transportation so cost-prohibitive, that citizens will have no choice but to change their way of life.

Of course, changing one’s way of life ONLY applies to the people — not government officials — as evidenced every time our fearless leader fires up Air Force One for another extended vacation, at a cost of over $180,000 per hour — more than $4 MILLION a day — just for his personal transportation.

What does God say about all this? He made it clear, as far as I’m concerned, back in Genesis chapter 8.

After the flood, the LORD said, “Never again will I curse the ground because of humans, even though every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood. And never again will I destroy all living creatures, as I have done. As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

That pretty much clears it up. Seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night… we will have cycles in our climate, and these cycles are natural, normal and God-ordained. And we will have these cycles for “as long as the earth endures.”

So I do not fear what God will do, or what will happen in nature or with our climate. But mankind is another story. Once again, thinking he knows better than God, man is trying to instigate change.

Now, it is one thing to regulate our industry and transportation options. But it is quite another to try to artificially manipulate the weather. NOW, you’re messing with God’s territory, and it will not go well.

What am I talking about? It’s been called “Geoengineering,” and a big part of this is the aerosol spraying we have been seeing in this country for more than 20 years now.

You may have heard of “Chemtrails,” and you may believe this is a right-wing conspiracy theory. I realize the topic is very controversial. Perhaps you have never given it much thought, or dismissed it as nonsense.

But I challenge you to look up in the sky. See with your own eyes and then ask yourself if perhaps what you’re seeing is simply not normal.

On any given day, here in Central Wisconsin, we can wake up to beautiful blue skies. Weather maps show mostly sunny skies with little to no cloud cover anywhere in the foreseeable future.

But then a line will appear in the sky. A white line, trailing from a jet airplane. But unlike a normal jet airplane “contrail,” which will evaporate and disappear in a matter of minutes, these “Chemtrails” linger, expand and last for hours.

Soon there will be another white trail running parallel to the first one. Then two or three more planes will appear, creating more parallel lines. Then, inexplicably, the planes will shift direction, creating a checkerboard pattern across the sky.

In a short time, these white trails will spread out, creating a thick haze, and in an hour or so, the blue sky has turned overcast. These are chemtrails, and they have been happening for years.

The government refuses to acknowledge the existence of Chemtrails. But clearly, what millions of people are seeing in their skies is not natural or normal jet activity.

One observer “living in the middle of nowhere” in northern Wisconsin reports an average of 20 – 40 jets overhead on days when the Chemtrails appear. She lives 150 miles from Minneapolis and 360 miles from Chicago… not exactly busy air space.

What are the health implications of all this? According to Troy Phillipson, of Abundant Life Wellness Center in Milwaukee, “Reputable scientists have been diligently testing our soil and the results are shocking.

“Aluminum, barium and other elements were found to be thousands of times higher than normal levels (following a Chemtrail incident). The high levels lead to very irregular or very acidic PH levels in the soil which can be deadly to ecological life systems.”

These high concentrations of aluminum and barium cause kidney failure, memory loss, loss of coordination, confusion and disorientation.

Aluminum toxicity has also been found in victims of autism and Alzheimer’s disease — two ailments which have seen astronomical increases in recent years.

Not to mention the increase in ADHD diagnoses, childhood neurological disorders and birth defects. To say nothing of what these chemicals are doing to animals and insects in nature.

The dramatic — and unexplained — loss of honeybees in recent years could very well be another casualty of this government program.

We do not know the government’s intention with this. But most observers and scientists who have studied the phenomenon have concluded that one result is the loss of sunlight.

Studies show that after a Chemtrail event, sunlight is reduced by 10 – 20% in an affected area. Could it be they are trying to artificially “cool” the earth? No one knows for sure.

Friends, I realize you may be skeptical about this. I also realize that this has been happening for so long now, that there are new generations of young people who accept this phenomenon as normal.

But for us older folks, we should remember what normal jet exhaust looked like.

We should also understand that while air travel has increased, it has not increased to a level that we are seeing five, six or seven planes flying parallel, simultaneously in one direction, emitting thick, lingering white trails, then immediately changing direction, criss-crossing the previous trails to create a checkerboard effect.

This is not normal airline activity. It’s likely you have seen it. It’s time now to acknowledge it, and begin demanding answers.

Many left-wing environmentalists will be “all in” when it comes to Obama’s Climate Change reforms, especially if it means curtailing conventional power plant production, and even if it means increasing the price we pay for energy — and thus everything else — in this country.

Lake Tapps sunrise with chemtrails clearly visible

KOMOnews.com photo


But these same people, who trust and support the government in their “green initiatives” will often suddenly become blind to what is right in front of their very eyes, in the sky overhead.

I realize what I have shared here will receive mixed reviews. You can find thousands of pages of documentation on the internet to back up what I have said. Do a search for the words “Geoengineering” and “Chemtrails.”

At the same time, you can find many pages refuting these studies, calling it all a crazy conspiracy theory.

In the end, I DO know this: God said that as long as the earth endures, there will be seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night – and these cycles will never cease. The weather cycles we have seen in recent years are normal and natural and not to be feared.

But MAN, in his arrogance, always tries to overstep his bounds; always believes he knows better than God.

And so it is quite likely that our government, in trying to save us from ourselves, has developed a program they will not admit to, to try to avert some perceived impending doom…. the only thing is, in circumventing God’s natural order of things, he has, in effect, created disasters worse than those he tried to avert.

So you’ll need to make up your own mind when it comes to Global Warming, Climate Change, Geoengineering, and Chemtrails.

The conclusion you come to will be a result of your personal worldview. I have simply presented this information for your consideration. To me, it seems obvious.

I cannot deny what I see, several times each week, right before my very eyes. The studies I have read are credible, and for me, hold much more water than government newspeak and propaganda.

As for me, I do not fear God’s management of the earth nor His divine government of creation.

But man’s arrogance… that is something else entirely.


Northwest Weather Photos

Lake Tapps Washington sunrise: komonews.com photo



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