Published April 30, 2014 by goyodelarosa

She calls herself ‘Alex Jones in a skirt’ and last year did an excellent internet radio interview with Dr. Tim Ball and former B. C. Premier Bill Vander Zalm on the junk science of so-called ‘climate change’ and the latter’s open letter to all politicians in Canada to investigate the science and governance of ‘chemtrails.’

Hopefull, Sheily Zilinsky will do a follow-up on that soon, before all of us old boomers of a certain age flood the old folks homes with any more of the unnecessarily newly-diagnosed ‘demented’ unfit useless eaters, poisoned by aluminum, barium, strontium nanoparticulates making us all lose our memories…

I cite Dr.  Russel Blaylock who says lack of sunshine from ‘geo-engineering’ experiments, causing global dimming, is aggravating neurological diseases around the world, and he points to the heavy metals in the daily spraying as a significant cause of this phenomenon.

Now, apparently, according to my excellent source who shall remain anon., confirmed by reasonably well-informed chit-chattering at We Are Change Victoria: Sheila Zilinsky, The Weekend Vigilante herself, lives here in the south-western provincial capitol of the evil New World Order’s Military Industrial Complex.

weekend vigilante show


They never give up…

Yes, indeed, I can confirm that notorious Gringo-Canuck Commie agitator ‘Frances’ was there in the convent garden…

For some strange reason known only to the Globalists, the Royal Canadian Navy had a tent at the recent iteration of Creatively United for the Planet at Sainte Anne’s Academy, along with the CRD Parks (‘Nature Needs at least 1/2′ of all land and water resources in the CRD, did ya know?), Corp. of City of Vic., B.C. Hydro, Green Party, NDP, and all the usual Masonic suspect eugenicist ‘green’ Globalist types in Earth Literacies (Gaian former Christians), Vic. Natural History Society, The Land Conservancy (did we mention ‘Nature Needs Half’?), etc…

Meanwhile, the foliage on the beautiful old heritage trees in nearby Mayor’s Grove in Beacon Hill Park is severely damaged from the so-called Solar Radiation Management of the Globalists… I noted that as I parked our pick-up nearby…

One sign at the greenfest asked the pressing question on the minds of all fellow travellers in ‘Gaian Green Globalism’:

“How can we get people to be concerned about ‘climate change’ when it is invisible?”

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor, LA ROSA

Nom d’artiste: ‘Goyo de la Rosa’

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