Published June 13, 2014 by goyodelarosa

The same  judge who found me guilty of a breach of a publication ban earlier this year, sentenced me this morning with one of the highest fines ever levied against a private citizen blogger in this benighted police state (if not the highest), a ‘corporate fine’ of $2,500, plus a ‘crime victim’s tariff fine’ of 10%, bringing the grand total payable: $2,750.00.

We will be making the $100 monthly payments well into 2016 for supposedly ‘criminal’ comments about Father Phil Jacobs’ preliminary hearing evidence which I sent to someone else’s website in 2011 on 2 occasions, and which that person allowed to be published unedited for only a few minutes in the first instance, and for a maximum of approximately 5 hours, between the hours of 3 am and 8 am Ontario time, for the second instance.

She took screen shots of my original 2 comments, saved them and then provided them to a Saanich Police investigator later, after he phoned to ask her for them.

Why would that lady save my original comments before editing and then publishing them in such a way as to satisfy herself that she would not be charged with breaching the publication ban herself, one wonders?

Which wag was it who said that the Canadian Charter protects our God-given Natural Law free speech rights?

Certainly not my former lawyer Douglas H. Christie who took up this case in the last months of his life.

As the priest who presided over Mr. Christie’s funeral mass said at  Saint Andrew’s Cathedral where he worshiped, ‘it will be difficult to fill Doug Christie’s shoes, but someone has to do it…’

Before he died, Mr. Christie was anxious that we proceed with our defence because he recognized that there were significant Charter issues involved in this case, and he therefor recommended the services of his esteemed legal colleague Barclay Johnson, a libertarian lawyer from Alberta who has taken over his small office near the Courthouse, and put out a new red sign: ‘Victorian Legal Clinic.’

Thanks to Barclay Johnson and law student Jeremy Maddock (Mr. Christie’s long-time assistant) who helped Mr. Johnson on this case, we have learned a lot about how the law pertaining to what is misleadingly called ‘Charter-protected free speech rights’ really works in this Globalist tyranny, and it ain’t pretty, folks.

In some of his final comments, the Crown prosecutor made it quite clear that they are aware that I addressed the Victoria City Council (on the subject of chemtrails), and also spoke critically recently on Globalist eugenics history issues at the legislature.

Now, I ask you, why would this lawyer bring those extraneous matters up in the context of my trial (unless it was to warn other anti-Globalist bloggers not to misbehave)?

All told, we are of course disappointed with both the unreasonable and alarming verdict and the harsh and tyrannical sentence, but we are grateful for the valiant efforts of our combative counsel, Barclay Johnson.

Moral of the story for Canadian bloggers: be extremely careful where you comment, who you comment on, and what you comment about… there just might be a Globalist Big Brother spy with a black military shirt sitting in front of a high-powered computer in a neighbouring municipality monitoring your thought crimes… and your naive exercise of  your supposedly ‘free speech rights’ could prove to be very costly indeed.


– G. P. M. Hartnell

LA ROSA Editor




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