Gregory Hartnell addressed Victoria City Council about geoengineering in Victoria + Capital Regional District August 30, 2013: videos @ CanuckfanJosh + Global Skywatch + LA ROSA…NASA Expert: Chemtrails are Real + Rogue Geoengineers Could Blackmail the Earth, narrated by Aaron Dykes @ + Estee’s Skywatch in Victoria BC

Published June 30, 2014 by goyodelarosa

I don’t really relish public speaking, and certainly not hectoring a bored lot of over-the-hill incumbent Victoria City Councillors, but though patiently waiting now for about three and a half seasons to hear from my designated neighbourhood Councillor, I am afraid I’ll have to go back, I guess, and do a first year anniversary visit to the Victoria City Council to find out  if their so-called ‘sustainable planning department’ bureaucrats have done any research at all on the science and ‘governance’ of geoengineering, as I requested that the Victoria City Council instruct them to do, on August 30, 2013.

I certainly haven’t heard from any of them since I made this little speech in this CanuckfanJosh video, referencing the good work done by our former Premier Bill Vander Zalm, who basically sent all the local governments in the province a similar request for ‘Freedom of Information’ pertaining to the very concerning ongoing spraying he and his wife see over their rural nursery business in Surrey, B.C.

Beautiful blue sky morning here in Victoria today on last day of June 2014 is being ruined as I type by expanding aerosols.

I suspect that this is a Military Industrial Complex programme, based on the evil eugenics philosophy with a depopulation endgame as mandated in UN Agenda 21, and sprayed by Whidbey Island-based USNavy Growler jets overhead, adversely impacting the mental and physical health and sovereignty of citizens on both sides of the Canadian-American  border.

I often hear them at night producing their nocteluscent ‘clouds’ ( yes, folks, they actually glow in the dark)!

Could it be because they have so much heavy metal particulates like aluminum, barium and strontium in them?

Here is the link to the 2013 video taken by one of the lads in We Are Change Victoria, as found at Russ Tanner’s Global Skywatch:

Thanks for uploading it, Josh Steffler and Russ Tanner!

In the video above, I start out by denouncing defamatory suggestions made to the Victoria City Council by a well-known Communist agent provacateur who sometimes calls himself ‘Frances Pearson’ in letters to the editors of local newspapers.

This poorly educated man made outrageous calumnies against my person when I wasn’t in the Council chambers by equating any opposition to UN Agenda 21 to anti-semitism and racism.

I repudiate such obvious anti-Christian bigotry.

– Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor, LA ROSA:

‘Goyo de la Rosa’: Nom d’artiste


In the meantime, if anyone remembers Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton from, and if you wonder what ever happened to them after they left being employed by Alexander  Jones, here is an example of the kind of work they are doing these days, an excellent video narrated by Aaron on the dangerous Globalists’ rogue geoengineering ‘governance’ issue:

NASA Expert: Chemtrails are Real and Rogue Geoengineers Could Blackmail the Earth

TRUTHstreammedia·269 videos
Published on Apr 22, 2014

Droughts, famine, chemtrails and the global game of risk: geoengineering is real, and inevitable part of the future, when science tries to orchestrate nature in the name of taming climate change, while experts argue over who will make the rules in the global governance of weather modification and geoengineering.

Could a rogue billionaire tinker with the delicate balance of our Earth?

Might a mad scientist even “weaponize” weather control to wield power over the planet? Everything is possible, warns a NASA Jet Propulsion Labs expert. Chemtrails and geoengineering are no longer the things of conspiratorial speculation or retro science fiction — they are the scenarios shaping the world to come as science contemplates how far is too far for man to go in the name of a global environmental crisis?


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Blessings to all people of good will.




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