EARTHMASTERS: 2013 ‘CLIMATE ENGINEERING’ BOOK BY AUSTRALIAN CLIVE HALMILTON: NPR Summary: ‘collaboration between scientists + big business’… + ‘Geo-Engineering: Playing God?’ Abby Martin Interview with Clive Hamilton @ Breaking The Set RT video @ YT + LA ROSA

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The Dawn Of The Age Of Climate Engineering

Now in the Greater Victoria Public Library system

Hardcover, 247 pages, Yale Univ Pr, List Price: $28

Chapter One
Why Geoengineering?
Climate fix

As the effects of global warming begin to frighten us, geoengineering will come to dominate global politics.

Scientists and engineers are now investigating methods to manipulate the Earth’s cloud cover, change the oceans’ chemical composition and blanket the planet with a layer of sunlight-reflecting particles.

Geoengineering – deliberate, large-scale intervention in the climate system designed to counter global warming or offset some of its effects – is commonly divided into two broad classes.

Carbon dioxide removal technologies aim to extract excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it somewhere less dangerous.

This approach is a kind of clean-up operation after we have dumped our waste into the sky. Solar radiation management technologies seek to reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the planet, thereby reducing the amount of energy trapped in the atmosphere of ‘greenhouse Earth’.

This is not a clean-up but an attempt to mask one of the effects of dumping waste into the sky, a warming globe.

Diligent contributors to Wikipedia have listed some 45 proposed geoengineering schemes or variations on schemes.

Eight or ten of them are receiving serious attention (and will be considered in the next chapters).

Some are grand in conception, some are prosaic; some are purely speculative, some are all too feasible; yet all of them tell us something interesting about how the Earth system works.

Taken together they reveal a community of scientists who think about the planet on which we live in a way that is alien to the popular understanding…



NPR Summary

Clive Hamilton looks at climate change, focusing on collaboration between scientists and big business to develop advances in geoengineering so that humans can fight the warming of the globe.

Also by Clive Hamilton:

Requiem for a Species


Geo-Engineering: Playing God? | Interview with Clive Hamilton

Abby Martin talks to Clive Hamilton, public ethics professor at Charles Sturt University, and author of ‘Earthmasters’, about the controversial practice of geo-engineering; the arguments for and against the artificial altering of the natural world.
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