Published July 1, 2014 by goyodelarosa

Today I reluctantly have to report yet another outrageous violation of what is left of our supposed sovereignty as ‘Canadians’, including a huge expanding aerosol loop in the sky over Fairfield this morn, and all kinds of streaky cotton candy ‘clouds’ that look completely unnatural … and folks, this Aircrap is killing us, make no mistake.

This is happening almost every day, and if I don’t write about it every day, my readers should not assume that it hasn’t happened that day.

It is a Death Culture assault that is weird, wicked and worldly, and it is simply amazing to me that the traditional pro-life, libertarian and anti-war activists, artists and intellectuals in this sleepy town have not organized themselves to speak out in a concerted manner, in order to stop it through grassroots toxic shaming of our so-called ‘masters’.

The only exceptional group to this general rule, of course, is We Are Change Victoria, and I salute the perseverance of this small but growing group.

If you are unemployed, and can’t figure out why you can’t find a job, has it ever occurred to you that you are not meant to have a job ever again, unless you get your act together and self-employ?

The Globalists don’t want to even employ you, they are so contemptuous of you that they would rather have you completely dependent on them (Welfare and Methadone), with the only option for employment to sign up for the Military Industrial Complex, and be shipped off to some God-forsaken Globalist war being fought to expand the imperialist UN Agenda 21 against the traditional family.

After all, you are now the enemy of the Death Cult’s New World Order government, a useless eater taking up too much space on Mother Earth and because you exhale carbon dioxide, thus aggravating ‘global warming’, you are a dangerous terrorist human and thus you will be culled.

Weaver, Ted Turner, Obomba, Killer Hillary, the Gates, Strong, Soros, Kissinger, Buffet, the Rockerfellers, John Baird, Harper, Trudeau, Mulcair, Christy Clark, Elizabeth May and all the rest think of the Globalist War Party say there are too many of us, so the main Globalist idea of this benighted century is this: constant unrelenting attacks on most of us, by a myriad of evil methods including atmospheric poisoning, to reduce our numbers down to a ‘sustainable’ 500,000,000.

This is EUGENICS as codified (written in Globalist secret society code language) and mandated in UN AGENDA 21.

– Hartnell


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