“HOT, HOT, HOT!” ENVIRONMENT CANADA GOES INTO HEAT WAVE DAMAGE CONTROL ON CFAX NEWS RADIO: Pamela McCall’s guest: Globalist EC’s ‘Senior Climatologist’ David Phillips mocks geo-engineering theory in attempt to divert questioner

Published July 11, 2014 by goyodelarosa

Pamela McCall

This morning, Friday, July 11, 2014, on CFAX 1070 AM RADIO, Bell Media’s Pamela McCall’s very special guest talked about geo-engineering… from Ontario!

11:00am to 11:30am David Phillips, Senior Climatologist with Environment Canada


I turned the radio on just as Mr. Phillips happened to be talking about the tabu subject which dare not speak its name , so I missed most of it, but CFAX put this broadcast up on their website as a podcast.

Victoria’s very own world-renowned climatologist Dr. Tim Ball says that Environment Canada’s ‘climate science’ has been corrupted by UN Agenda 21 politics.

Therefor, I believe that Dr. Ball should also be invited by CFAX onto Pamela McCall’s show to provide some sort of balance.

Pamela McCall should specifically ask Dr. Tim Ball to elaborate on the ‘chemtrails’ or Solar Radiation Management (SRM) geo-engineering phenomenon that is very obviously going on most days in the sky over Victoria, lest we all pretend that Environment Canada’s bogus Anthropogenic Global Wwarming (AGM) propaganda is the only game in town.

Did CFAX invite Mr. Phillips onto Pamela McCall’s show at this time because he knows full well that there hasn’t been any chemtrails in Victoria in the last three days with our unusually lovely natural weather, one wonders?

It’s easy for Mr. Phillips to talk about geo-engineering in a theoretical way (as these EC liars always do) from distant Ontario when he knows full well that we are enjoying this good sunny cloudless weather now in Victoria, and there are no embarrassing chemtrails expanding to fill the whole sky (as is more often the case), effectively contradicting his silly little Globalist planet-worshiping nonsense.





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