DR. PEACE: RON PAUL ‘is a man of faith, who worships the Prince of Peace,’ acclaims Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. @ LewRockwell.com + HOLY SPIRIT OF PEACE MOSAIC @ ZURI ZONE + LA ROSA

Published August 20, 2014 by goyodelarosa

Happy Birthday, Dr. Freedom!





ZURI ZONE: numismaticblog.com



Today is Ron Paul’s 79th birthday.

This great man used to be known in Congress as Dr. No for his opposition to the statist, warmongering, Keynesian legislation that he fought.

But he really deserves the title Dr. Freedom for all the positive work he has done for our ideas, continues to do, and will do in the future.

People all over the world look to him as Dr. Libertarian, and he is that, too.

He is, of course, unique in American political history for his principles and steadfastness.

He’s also a great physician and athlete, a leader by example and family patriarch.

He is Dr. Peace, a man who chose medicine as a profession so he could never be forced–in those days of the draft–to carry a rifle and shoot people on orders of the government.

Indeed, he is the champion of all the ideas that undergird civilization: freedom, peace, and private property, and learned teacher of Austrian economics, too.

He is a man of faith, who worships the Prince of Peace.

What an honor to know him.

What an honor to acclaim him.

9:16 am on August 20, 2014


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