POISONED ‘FORMERLY ORGANIC’ VEGGIES: ‘Chemtrail’ geoengineering is obviously ongoing in our skies,’ wrote Gregory Hartnell in as-yet unpublished letter to Times Colonist Editor, July 2014 + 12 NEW PHOTOS OF WEEPING AEROSOLS OVER COOK, QUADRA, MACKENZIE @ Justin Justin, WAC VICTORIA + LA ROSA

Published August 21, 2014 by goyodelarosa
Justin Justin's photo.
Justin Justin added 12 new photos.

Today 5:15ish pm over Cook and Quadra to Quadra and McKenzie, in Victoria, Canada.

What do you make of this soup.

Did anyone else look up and see this?

Gregory Hartnell
1357 Rockland Avenue
Victoria V8S 1V7
Tel. 250 382 97 67Letters to the Editor
Victoria Times ColonistRe: “Nanoparticles in food – what’s that?” July 22.

Professor Sylvain Charlebois’ shocking opinion piece is very timely in exposing how all ‘consumers have been eating nanoparticles for years without being aware they are in their food.’

This is an international scandal of major proportions which deserves further objective scientific analysis, as Charlebois doesn’t specify what nanoparticulates are found in processed food, but he does advocate that ‘the industry should at least give public education a shot.’

That is a ‘no-brainer’ and such ‘public education’ (and cautionary labeling) might help re-establish trust between consumers and the globalized food industry.

However, there is also the even more concerning issue of nanoparticulates found in rainwater samples presented as evidence by concerned geoengineering expert in a recent three hour public consultation process before the Shasta County Board of Supervisors in Redding California.

Aluminum, barium, strontium and other toxic heavy metal nanoparticlates have been found in these water samples in Shasta County.

Similar objective scientific testing needs to be done here, as ‘chemtrail’ geoengineering is obviously ongoing in our skies, poisoning our formerly ‘organic’ vegetables in the Capital Regional District.

Gregory Hartnell


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