BEN ISITT, VICTORIA CITY COUNCILLOR ‘FAILS ON CHEMTRAILS,’ says Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Rockland artist-historian, in Letter to Editor, Victoria News + LA ROSA, October 15, 2014

Published October 15, 2014 by goyodelarosa

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, artist-historian
1357 Rockland Avenue
Victoria, British Columbia
Tel. 250 382 97 67
New email:

Re: Tom Fletcher fails to do his homework (LETTERS, OCT. 1)

Victoria City Councillor Ben Isitt claims that ‘the people of Victoria have asked me to… advocate to the provincial and federal governments on issues they care about that impact our community.’

Coun. Isitt was our designated ‘neighbourhood liaison’ for Fairfield-Rockland last year when I wrote him a number of emails expressing grave concern about atmospheric geo-engineering (popularly called ‘chemtrails’) over the skies of Victoria and the CRD.

As a Victoria-born classically trained artist and historian, I assured the councillor that the strange shapes and lurid sunset colours of the skies in Victoria and the Capital Regional District are ahistorical and unnatural.

I asked Councillor Ben Isitt, therefor, to pay more attention to this alarming aerial spraying activity, to study the science and governance of it, to request research aid from City Hall’s ‘sustainability strategy planners’ if need be, to then report back to the Council and the CRD on this alarming assault on our health, to determine what, if anything, the Council and CRD can do to stop it.

I waited a whole season and got no real answers from the busy Councillor.

I then publicly addressed the whole Council on the matter in the fall last year for the allotted five minutes, after having found his research capabilities and his disinterest in public health severely deficient.

I am still waiting for answers about the science and governance of ‘chemtrails’ geo-engineering from Councillor Ben Isitt, the City of Victoria and the Capital Regional District, and I am quite sure I am not the only one.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell




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