IAN HOAR, VICTORIA CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATE: wants a ‘progressive council’ that plans for budget overruns on infrastructure , supports amalgamation, drug consumption sites, etc. (UN Agenda 21, in other words)

Published October 25, 2014 by goyodelarosa
Photo: It's officially OFFICIAL.  I filed the paperwork this morning and I'll be on the ballot on Nov 5th, 10th and 15th.  Thanks to CTV Vancouver Island for popping by to film my nomination process. Let's get the word out and let's VOTE!
IAN HOAR, former CTV employee on left, used tv spot to start his 2014 Victoria City Council election campaign

IAN HOAR: Stances

I thought it might be useful to compile some answers to questions that I’ve had about my positions here.  If you are curious about something not answered here, use the form below or contact me through facebook at www.facebook.com/votehoar


I’m not sure yet.  I haven’t met with either candidate to discuss their ideas. As I mentioned in my platform, I’m happy about some of the things that the city is doing, but it’s clear that we could be doing more.

Lisa Helps seems to have a pretty sane platform, and I think if she is willing to be tough on her promises it could make some important differences to the city.  I’m especially interested in her plans to reduce the administrative drag on local business and plan more usable public spaces.

Dean Fortin has made some serious strides in this city. He’s reduced the homeless population, made moves towards a more cycle friendly city, opened Centennial Square to more events. It’s getting there, but I have to ask him, is it enough? Maybe he needs a more supportive and progressive council, and maybe I could be a part of that.


The bridge needs to be finished.  It doesn’t surprise me that it went over budget. Companies bidding for public infrastructure products know that they are dealing with a client that is spending other people’s money. They put the thin edge of the wedge in when bidding for the project, and then push for expanded budgets, expanded timelines, expanded resources. The city shouldn’t be surprised by these facts, so they should have either planned for a budget overrun, or created a contract that didn’t allow for that.

Budget aside, I think infrastructure projects like this are great for the city. People travel to major European cities to see impressive modern architecture, and our bridge could be an icon for the region in much the same way. It’s also important to me that the bridge works better for cyclists and pedestrians than the current one. We should focus on not allowing the financials to impact the public realm, while at the same time making a bridge that can proudly adorn our city.


Yes.  One of the things I’ve considered important to the region is a transportation corridor between downtown and UVic.  Without municipal co-operation, that is something that could only make it as far as Saanich. That’s unacceptable. We need to work together as a region and the only reliable way is to amalgamate.



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