‘Halt Covert Aerosol Spraying Programs aka Geoengineering’ says U.S. Health Freedom Congress, St. Paul … Clifford Carnicom, Carnicom Institute … Aircrap.org + LA ROSA

Published October 30, 2014 by goyodelarosa

Breaking News – Resolution Call for a Halt to Covert Aerosol Spraying Programs

The 2014 U.S. Health Freedom Congress Approves Resolution Call for a Halt to Covert Aerosol Spraying Programs

Hosted by National Health Freedom Coalition

Guest Speaker Clifford Carnicom of the Carnicom Institute

See Resolution here:


Text of Resolution:

USHFC-2014-Resolution Re: Call for a Halt to Covert Aerosol Spraying Programs, aka Geoengineering
Resolution 5
Calling for a Halt to Covert Aerosol Spraying Programs, aka Geoengineering
2014 U.S. Health Freedom Congress
Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota, September 26 and 27, 2014
Submitted by DAMS INC (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions)
WHEREAS covert aerosol spraying programs have been underway in the United States, Canada and elsewhere for at least 15 years, as documented by visible evidence in the skies, high resolution photography, filming of the planes doing the spraying and evidence from the materials that have dropped out of the aerosol sprayed skies and analyzed; and
WHEREAS massive spraying programs have dropped millions of tons of the oxides of aluminum, strontium, and barium, and other such metallic compounds plus various sulfur compounds, plus filamentous life forms that can now be detected in the blood of all Americans; and
WHEREAS weather reporters systematically ignore the obvious impacts of aerosol spraying on the appearance of the skies, the loss of sunlight reaching the ground, and the impact of the spraying on the storm system; and
WHEREAS research by independent scientists suggests that there are valid concerns about adverse effects of the aerosol spraying on respiratory health, neurological impacts, and other health impacts, damage to crops, forests, aquatic life and virtually all aspects of our eco-system; and
WHEREAS our current era is marked by “climate change,” frequent extreme weather events, elevated levels of ultraviolet radiation, extreme drought in California that is believed to be geoengineering related, fish and other sea creatures dying off of the west coast of North America in unprecedented numbers, trees dying in what should be pristine and remote areas;
THEREFORE BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the following Voting Members of the US Health Freedom Congress do affirm and support the position of DAMS Inc., that the massive covert spraying programs such as described above are violation of fundamental human rights and freedoms including our right to privacy, our right to choose medical interventions free of coercion, and our right to be free from medical experimentation that we have not consented to. The secretive and covert nature of massive aerosol spraying programs (aka “geoengineering” programs) such as are described above indicates that serious violations of the democratic process and of basic freedoms are taking place; such violations stand in conflict with all principles of health freedom. Such programs should be stopped immediately and open discussions should be undertaken looking into the health and environmental harm that has already been inflicted.

Name of Organization
Bolen Report, The
Carnicom Institute
DAMS Inc. (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions)
Focus Autism
Health Choice
IAACN International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists
National Health Freedom Action (NHFA)
National Health Freedom Coalition (NHFC)
North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH)
North Carolina Citizens for Healthcare Freedom Ohio Sunshine Health Freedom Coalition
Organic Consumers Association
Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation (SHFF)
Texas Health Freedom Coalition
Voice for HOPE – Healers Of Planet Earth
Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF)

On September 26th and 27th, twenty five leading health freedom organizations and forty additional organizations and participants representing millions of health and freedom-conscious Americans came together. Meeting at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota, they discussed urgent concerns for health freedom and strengthened collaboration within the health freedom movement.

The event began and closed with the Health Freedom Voting Member organizations convening for one hour each day in a circle Round, beginning the first day with introducing their organizations, and closing by giving their response to the weekend work. But the great success of this year’s Congress is attributed to all leaders participating in what is known as Open Space dialogue sessions throughout the weekend; as well as attending an evening social media hands-on workshop; hearing “Stories of Freedom, Stories of Courage”; and attending the Health Freedom Awards Banquet with Keynote Barbara Loe Fisher, President of the National Vaccine Information Center.

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