BAMBI WEAPONIZED WITH LYME DISEASE IN CAPITAL REGIONAL DISTRICT: UN AGENDA 21 EUGENICIST HUMAN CULL? “Areas with dense deer populations are often lyme disease hotspots,” states Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation, John Phillips, letter TIMES COLONIST + LA ROSA

Published October 31, 2014 by goyodelarosa

If not a deer cull, then what method?


OCTOBER 31, 2014 03:56 PM

 Re: “Facts to consider in the cull debate,” letter, Oct. 28.

The assertion that research has shown that “deer culls do not work” puzzles me. It would seem that culls do work, as there are many examples of animals being hunted to extinction.

So, if not a cull, how would you suggest the deer population in Victoria be reduced, and by what method? The incidence of conflicts between deer and humans continues to increase. Insurance Corp. of B.C. statistics regarding the increasing number of accidents involving deer and vehicles are not inconclusive, as suggested. They are well documented. The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation states: “Areas with dense deer populations are often lyme disease hotspots.”

The reference to distracted drivers is off topic and has no place in the deer-cull debate.

John Phillips


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