DAVID SHEBIB CONDEMNS INJECTION SITES: ‘Safe injections sites are not safe for anyone and are hell holes of despair. To enable anything is to promote it…’ @ David Shebib for Mayor + LA ROSA

Published November 12, 2014 by goyodelarosa
    • Sunny Blue Gardeners David, I note that you left a so-called ‘homelessness’ meeting last month before they vetted the candidates to see if they would stand up for so-called ‘safe injection sites.’ They all, without exception, apparently stood up to support this enablling of addicts to stay stuck in their addictions. David, where do you stand on this issue, please? Thanks for standing for free speech and alternatives to the decadent status quo. Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, editor of Sunny Blue Gardeners and LA ROSA:goyodelarosa.wordpress.com/

      Transcultural Arts Propaganda
      • David Arthur Johnston Greg! Hey. David Johnston here. Good to see you. I’ll let David know you’re asking a question.
      • Sunny Blue Gardeners Thanks, David. I have crossed everyone else off my list. Hope you are both well… God bless… Gregory
      • David Shebib for Mayor Essentially, we will be concentrating on Constitutionally scrutinizing Bylaws and fundamental police reform. We will not be taking a direct stand against the needle exchange beyond using it as an avenue to stop the flow of crack… if you want to message David directly email him at shebibd@yahoo.ca
      • Sunny Blue Gardeners Who is ‘we’? I directed my question to the candidate, and I want a public answer, please. Thanks. Hartnell.
      • David Shebib for Mayor Then direct your question to the candidate- shebibd@yahoo.ca or call him at 250-818-1992.

        I can tell you he has as much sympathy for flailing junkies as he does for the upper middle class,

      • Sunny Blue Gardeners Candidate Shebib hiding? Why hide?
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      • David Arthur Johnston You presume too much and its a bit vampiric. David doesn’t manage the facebook page. The needle exchange is a non-issue in the face of the fundamental reforms David is going to set in motion. Its like people being concerned with gay marriage while they ignore the fact that their government is no different than the Israeli gaza-bombing monster.
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      • David Shebib for Mayor Hi David S. here . Habits never sleep . I think the safe injections sites are not safe for anyone and are hell holes of despair . To enable anything is to promote it and the candidates that I see in this election have sold out democracy to self interests. It seems like getting elected is more important then telling the truth .This society has a number of problems loving truth is the best answer.
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      • Sunny Blue Gardeners Thanks for answering my question, David Shebib. You seem to have David Arthur Johnson helping you, but his comment above seems to contradict what you are saying, so it adds nothing to this discourse. It doesn’t help you at all to have your people contradicting your ideas. I appreciate hearing directly from the candidates in the election (even though I disagree with all of them). I agree with you that the election is a rigged farce. I am relieved that you understand the importance of the issue of enabling addicts, and how deadly it is. Have none of the other candidates not noticed that the Victoria Police Establishment supports so-called ‘harm reduction’? As long as these drugs are illegal, the police will support chipping addicts with RFID, keeping them easier to track. There is no love from these Globalist Death Cultists for addicts, whether they are ‘active’ or ‘clean’. Methadone is highly addictive, as you likely very well know. Love Truth…In memory of my dear late brother Jerome Henry Hartnell, who died of an overdose at age 18… Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell
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      • Sunny Blue Gardeners



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