GUY DAUNCEY’S ENDORSEMENTS FOR VICTORIA ELECTION 2014: ‘Green’ Globalist list of people to avoid

Published November 13, 2014 by goyodelarosa

VOTE FOR THE PLANET on November 15th



In the civic elections being held across British Columbia on Saturday, November 15th we will be choosing our municipal leaders for the next four years.

Make no mistake: the next four years will be totally critical if we are to get a handle on the growing climate crisis.

If we continue with business as usual, there will be more cars, more inefficient buildings, more urban sprawl, more tankers, more pipelines, more carbon pollution and more hopelessness.

If we change course, however, by electing councilors who are committed to change, there will be more bike lanes, more transit, more walkable communities, more ride-sharing, more car-sharing, more electric vehicles, more zero carbon buildings, more tree-planting, more urban agriculture, more parks, more renewable energy district heating, more forest protection, more farmland protection, more green economy initiatives, more green communities, more civic engagement and more hope.

Municipal councilors and regional directors also have influence over larger issues. Their voices get heard. If we elect leaders who are clear on their commitment build a green, sustainable world and to tackle climate change, combined with our wider public efforts, we could also see no more pipelines, no increase in oil tanker traffic or coal exports.

These are the candidates I would vote for if I lived in their communities. I’m not telling anyone how to vote: I’m simply sharing how I would vote.

I have made my choices by talking to people I know, reading candidates’ websites, and paying attention the Dogwood Initiative’s Local Vote 2014 questionnaire, which invited candidates to answer questions about foreign corporations pushing to transport more crude heavy oil and thermal coal through our communities, which was completed by 500 candidates province-wide. See

PS. This list is changing, as I gather new information that causes me to change how I’d vote. I have changed my endorsement for the Mayor of Victoria, and now back Dean Fortin.


Dean Fortin (Mayor)

Ben Isitt

Erik Kaye

Jeremy Loveday

Pam Madoff

Marianne Alto

Justin Stevenson


NOTA BENE: All of these candidates are sustainability cultists, and should not be supported.

– Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor, LA ROSA:


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