DAVID SHEBIB FOR MAYOR OF VICTORIA 2014: Arrest, charge, try, convict Fortin for corruption… Quit after 40 days…

Published November 15, 2014 by goyodelarosa



“There is nothing safe about ‘safe injection sites’ … ‘they are hell holes of despair…'” said David Shebib on Facebook.

In memory of my dear brother Jerome Henry Hartnell, who died at age 18 from a morphine and alcohol overdose, I express my gratitude to David Shebib.

Although I disagree with almost everything else that he advocates, I hereby endorse David Shebib for Mayor of Victoria only, but certainly not of the whole CRD, as that might actually encourage him to become a bio-regionalist dictator, and we don’t really want that, do we, Geoff Young?

Victoria is crazy enough as it is under Dino Pinocchio Fortino. I don’t see how David Shebib could make it any worse for 40 days or so, after which he plans to quit anyway, in the unlikely event that he should win.

That 40 day period of investigation, centred on demonstrating the tyranny of the Masonic English Protestant Queen and her so-called ‘Crown’ Globalist powers over us, would be just enough time to investigate, try, convict and imprison current NDP Globalist Mayor of Victoria Dean Fortin for crimes of corruption with Mayor Fang Fang and his other creepy buddies in Communist China against the long-suffering, chemtrailed, overtaxed and underemployed citizens, taxpayers, and the almost completely alienated skeptical majority of eligible voters of Victoria.

Those that don’t vote are in the majority, and the decadent status quo Globalist Establishment at Victoria City Hall should stop this pretence that what they are doing to us is Democracy, as clearly, the Silent Majority is always prudent, right and wise, and basically, they know there has got to be a better way than Dino’s.

Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

District of Oak Bay: Shebib, David — Mayor candidate



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