CHEMTRAILS OVER THE ‘GARDEN CITY’…How to wake up Helps, Loveday + Lucas? … Post Vic. 2014 election Sun. morn. musings to Troy Lessard by ‘Goyo de la Rosa’ (G.P.M. Hartnell), Editor of ‘Sunny Blue Gardeners’ @ LA ROSA

Published November 17, 2014 by goyodelarosa


Early morning semi-automatic writing by ‘Goyo de la Rosa’, nom d’artiste of Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor, LA ROSA + Sunny Blue Gardeners to anti-chemtrails photographer-researcher Troy Lessard

  • Last night, a new ad-hoc coalition of a dedicated militant minority of eligible voters in Victoria elected a new Globalist Mayor of green-orange-red-purple-blue orientation, so it will be interesting to see whether either Lisa Helps, or either one of the two newly elected Victoria City Councillors, Jeremy Loveday or Margaret Lucas takes up the shamefully stalled investigation into this New World Order eugenicist military industrial complex depopulation pogrom of deadly chemtrails geo-engineering, effectively toxic spraying over Victoria and the CRD, as Councillor Isitt has clearly dropped it (or rather, never really picked it up, despite the sporadic efforts of a number of Concerned Citizens, and members of The Losers Club, such as myself and Ron Lund (‘Ron Lion’).
    Each person has their individual and unique talents, according to the Creator’s inscrutable design, and so each Councillor should focus on stewarding those talents and gifts, in service to all the people.
    Ben Isitt got the most votes of any person in this election, I believe, so he is obviously popular to that sub-culture.
    He is an historian, so his strength lies in preservation of architecture, monuments and parks in Victoria.
    Margaret Lucas looks like a no-nonsense business woman, so she should be the Comptroller of the Budget, superior to the City Manager or any other bureaucrat, and she should stop the Keynsian reckless attitude of high taxation, spending, borrowing, and inflationary mega projects like the unneeded sewage treatment (which has UN Agenda 21 written all over it), and Mrs. Lucas should rather order the four annual budgets in the next term according to Austrian economic principles, if the City of Victoria is to avoid the shame of bankruptcy.
    Loveday is an artist, so he can challenge his fellow artists to look up, as the scientific intelligensia of the Sustainable Planning Department, and the rest of the so-called ‘sustainability’ cultists seem to be in complete denial of both the “hiatus” (no warming since 1998) and the very obvious unnatural, ugly, toxic tanker spraying that is happening almost every day around here.
    Most artists I know are dirt poor, so they have nothing at all to lose by studying the sky every day, and making new art of the strangeness before us all.
    Artists are not like the sold-out Establishment ‘warmist’ scientists who peddle this junk science.
    I have great hope that awakened artists will take up the torch of ordered liberty, and question the decadent status quo of the anti-human eugenicist scientific Globalist New World Order.
    Most artists are spiritual, as opposed to the scientists who are 90% atheist.
    Their atheism makes them very dangerous and irresponsible.
    I must say though, that in the last four days or so, I have only seen one contrail, flying in a northwesterly direction, over the Strait of Juan de Fuca, toward the Sooke hills, and that was not a persistent one, but rather a regular one that dissipated quite quickly.
    The very fact that we appear to have had virtually no air traffic at all in the last four days gives the lie to those who maintain that the ugly criss-cross patterns we see being made by these sky defacers are somehow normal contrails of scheduled commercial flights… most of them obviously are not…
    Thanks for all you work against geo-engineering, Troy Lessard.
    God bless you and your famiy…
    +++ Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell
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