‘2014 ICICLE SURPLUS?’ ‘No hay problemas,’ says NY Times cartoon. Use icicles ‘for dispatching climate change deniers’

Published November 26, 2014 by goyodelarosa

“When apocalyptic cults turn murderous, they become a danger to the public. The warmist cult, frustrated by the failure of nature to back-up their prophecies of doom, apparently is turning to homicidal fantasies, and venting them in the pages of the New York Times.

A truly shocking cartoon was published in the pages of that formerly august newspaper, brought to our attention by wattsupwiththat.com and climatedepot.com.

In it, the frustrations of warmists over the unusually cold winter (which US Government climatologists completely failed to predict) are channeled into the suggestion that they use “the 2014 icicle surplus” as “Self destructing sabers for dispatching climate- change deniers”


(emphasis added)


NYT murder deniers cartoon

Here is the cartoon in question:
Cartoon published in the NYT – if it gets so cold that there is a surplus of icicles, use them to kill global warming “deniers”.




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